Most public phones use phone cards, which can be bought at newsstands, bars, shops etc.. Dialing information (102) is free. To make an international call from a public phone is no easy task. In most cases it is easier to find a telephone center where you can get personal assistance to either make a collect call or pay in cash on completion of the call.

The following numbers are for operator assistance on international calls

000 111 – to make collect international calls from residential, commercial or cell phones

000 107 – to make collect international calls from some public phones

000333- for information on international calls from any phone, will need a phone card if calling from a public phone

Brazil recently introduced a new system for making long distance calls.

To make international calls you have the option of using Embratel (21) or Interlig (23). You will dial

00 + 21 (or 23) +country code + area code (without the zero) + phone number

To make long distance calls within Brazil you also have to use Embratel or Interlig. For example from Sao Pualo to another state you dial as follows

0 + 21 (or 23) + area code (without the zero) + phone number

From Sao Paulo city to other cities within the state use can use Telefonica i.e.

0 + 15 + area code (without zero) + phone number

To call collect from any phone within Sao Paulo city dial 9090 + phone number

To call collect to other cities from Sao Paulo dial 90 + 21 + area code + phone number

Here are some useful numbers:

102 – directory information

193 – fire brigade

194 – traffic information

136 – 24 hour drugstores

130 – speaking clock

107 – to make long distance collect calls

101 – to make operator assisted long distance calls

147 – civil police

190 – military police

132 – weather service

1512 – consumer complaints

192 – ambulance

134 – wake up call

0 800 135 135 – to send a telegram


Tipping is not so common in Brazil. At restaurants there is generally a 10% service charge added to the bill, which is usually optional. For taxis the norm is to round up the tab to the nearest real, while for hotels porters between two and five reals is sufficient.


Traffic in Sao Paulo can be very frustrating so always give yourself plenty of time to reach destinations, especially the airport. In Sao Paulo there is a rodizio, or traffic control system, in operation nearly all year round. Depending on the last digit of your number plate you are restricted from driving in certain areas and at certain times, one day a week. For example on Mondays number plates ending in 1 or 2 are prohibited from circulating.


Av. Ver. Jose Diniz, 2421 – Brooklin
Tel: 5422744

Av. Sao Luis, 187, room 45, – Centro
Tel: 2563538

Post Office’s express delivery service for Brazil and abroad.
Dial 159

Expresso Regência
Rua Matias Aires, 96 – Consolação
Tel: 2851448

Balcão Comercial
Alameda Greti,1031 – Santa Cecília
Motorbike delivery
Opening Hours: 8am to 6pm
Tel: 2204344

MBE Mail Boxes
For 24 hours P.O. boxes
Tel: 30613263

Postnet (also Pedroso de Morais)
Office services and support, deliveries, P.O. boxes
Rua Joaquim Floriano, 397 – Itaim
Rua Clodomiro Amazonas, 528 – Itaim
Tel: 8227372

Central Post Office
Opening Hours: 8am to 10pm
Av. São João (no number) – Centro
Tel: 8315522