By Pedro Souza
October 3, 2017

The seventh largest city in Brazil, Curitiba, is the capital of the state of Paraná. Known for its excellent planning, Curitiba is one of the best places to live in Brazil, as well as a great place to visit as well. If you plan on going there, take a look at our recommendations and make the most of your trip:

Botanical Garden: One of the trademarks of Curitiba, the Botanical Garden was inaugurated in 1991. The purpose of the place is to keep a collection of scientific cataloged native species, which can be seen in a large glass and iron greenhouse. The surrounding area boasts beautiful natural attractions, with lakes and native forests with plenty of trails one can hike. Whether you want to find out more about native plant species, enjoy some time hiking or simply contemplate nature, this place is worth a visit.

Oscar Niemeyer Museum: Oscar Niemeyer is known as the greatest architect in the history of Brazil. With a design planned by Niemeyer and a name in honor of his memory, the Niemeyer museum is focused on visual arts, architecture and design. Not only is the museum itself fascinating, but it also holds many exhibits. If you enjoy architecture, arts, or beauty, this is a place you shouldn’t miss.

Wire Opera House: One of the most curious sights of Curitiba, the Wire Opera House is a theater house that was inaugurated in 1992 in the Pedreiras Park. Its name comes from its structure, which is made out of steel tubes that give it a fragile appearance. The place not only features many art spectacles, but it is also located in a lake surrounded by the endemic vegetation from the Atlantic Forest, which makes the place itself a dazzling sight.

Historic District: In the city’s historic district, you will have the opportunity of seeing constructions from the 18th and 19th century. Sights like the Red House and the Church of St. Francis offer a glimpse back into the city’s historical past. The oldest construction in the city, Casa Romário Martins, has turned into a tourist information center, which is a good starting point for visitors. Another spot worth visiting there is the Curitiba’s Memorial, which offers arts exhibits, plays and musical presentations.

Santa Felicidade: Known as the restaurant district of Curitiba, Santa Felicidade is the right place for those that can appreciate a good meal. There, one can eat Japanese, Chinese, Portuguese, Arab, Spanish, French, Italian, Brazilian food and much more. In the Bosque Italiano (Italian Woods) one can eat the best Italian food around, as well as enjoy celebrations of the Italian community such as the Wine & polenta festival that takes place in july.

Ukrainian Memorial: The state of Paraná received an influx of Ukranian immigrants in the 19th century that has had many influences in the area. One of these influences is the Ukrainian Memorial, which is located in the Tingui Park. Composed by a traditional Ukrainian house, an outdoor stage, an entrance and a replica of the Miguel Arcanjo Church, it is dedicated to the preservation of Ukranian culture. On Saturdays, one can also enjoy traditional Ukrainian festivals and cultural activities that take place in the memorial.

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