By Pedro Souza, Staff Writer
December 12, 2015

So you have heard quite a lot about Brazilian women before, and maybe you have dreamed about finding yourself a Brazilian babe. Now that you are here, it is time for you to spring to action. However, if your image of Brazilian women comes from watching videos or looking at pictures of semi-naked women dancing in the Carnaval, you might be in for a reality check. First, Brazilian women are not as easy as foreigners often seem to think, and many girls will be wary of tourists. That being said, Brazilian women tend to be quite direct when it comes to showing interest, they usually play less games than American or European girls.

One thing that is important to have in mind is that Brazilian women usually have a two-sided perception about foreigners. On the one side, foreigners are often seem as exploiters and sex-tourists, and many tourists do in fact act in a way that reinforces this stereotype. Because of this perception, girls might take it very personally if you are rude in your approach. On the other side, many Brazilian women are highly interested in dating foreigners, and will be very open and willing to be approached.

The first thing you should pay attention to when looking for a girl is the venue. In expensive places, you will find plenty of beautiful girls, but they tend to be less approachable and harder to get. In more accessible places, girls tend to be more down-to earth and friendly, and are usually more open to approaches. You should also be aware that the more accessible a venue is, the least likely it is that you will find girls that speak English. Sometimes, this is not a problem, and many girls will attempt to communicate with you using broken English. Using some hand gestures and basic Portuguese if you have any, you should be able to understand each other fairly well. That being said, many girls will be out of your reach if you don’t speak at least some Portuguese.

If you are lucky, you will also find women that speak fluent English. Many of them have studied in International or British schools, and some of them have studied or lived abroad. This is the best type of women you can find, not only because of the language, but also because they are usually used to dealing with foreigners, and will have much more common ground with you.

Women in Brazil tend to dress very well, and they will pay attention to how you dress. Unless you plan on going to an alternative venue such as a rave or a reggae concert, you should be well dressed. When it comes to the approach, you should be direct but not forceful. Brazilian women usually decide quite fast whether they are interested or not in hooking up with someone. If things don’t seem to be going anywhere after a few minutes, you should change your target. If the woman you are talking to is showing interest on the other hand, make your move. If you take too long she might lose interest and look for someone else.

When it comes to starting a relationship, things tend to move fast in Brazil. If you have enjoyed hooking up with your beau and got her number, it is normal to call her and schedule a date for the next evening. Unless you are dating a fancy girl, I recommend keeping it simple. Take her to the beach, go watch a movie or share some beers at a street bar. Now that you have a girl, the rest is up to you. Enjoy her company, treat her well and don’t try too hard to impress her. And last but not least, don’t forget to have fun!

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