By Pedro Souza, Staff Writer
July 21, 2015

When people think about partying in Brazil, scenes from carnival are the first thing that come to mind. But what many dont know, is that Brazil has one of the strongest EDM scenes in the world, with plenty of clubs and festivals for enthusiasts to enjoy. Below, we have compiled some of the best EDM festivals in Brazil for you to enjoy.

Tomorrowland Brasil
The largest EDM festival in the world has finally arrived at Brazil. Founded in 2005 in the Town of Boom, located in Belgium, the yearly festival started expanding to other continents when it launched its North American version called Tomorroworld in 2013. On July 2014, the festival announced it would launch its Brazilian version named Tomorrowland Brasil, which had its first edition take place the 1st to the 3rd of May of 2015 in the city of Itu, located in the state of São Paulo.

The festival was a huge success, with 180,000 people gathering to see a whos who list of EDM powerhouse DJs such as Alok, David Guetta, Jamie Jones and Kolombo. The attractions of the festival go way beyond the music. During the days it takes place, a fantasy world is created for festivalgoers to immerse themselves in, with amazing sceneries complete with actors dressed as mythical creatures and artistic performances and pyrotechnics taking place during the concerts. There is also a camping area called DreamVille where people can lodge in comfy tents, with its own party known as “The Gathering”, that takes place the day before the festival starts. As if this wasnt enough, the festivals offers a wide variety of foods from all over the world, made by internationally acclaimed chefs.

Tickets cost from R$199.50 to R$1,899.00. Despite the high prices tickets sell out in a few hours, so potential visitors should enter the waiting line for tickets at the official website ( if they want to have a good chance at getting tickets. Yet, this once in a lifetime experience is worth every penny, and should be experienced at least once by EDM enthusiasts.

Universo Paralelo
At the end of every second year, the Paringui Beach in the state of Bahia is graced with Universo Paralello, a cultural festival that reunites people from all over the world to celebrate culture, arts and music. The Patingui beach has more than 30km of coast, displaying a dazzling beauty that makes it a perfect place for such an event. The area offers a camping site, bathrooms, a pharmacy, bins for dry and organic trash, showers, a food shop, a community kitchen and an open fair that sells a variety of goods such as clothes and decoration items. 28km away from the beach is the city of Ituber, where one can find gas stations, supermarkets, banks and hospitals among other services which are not be be found in the festival site.

During 9 days, around 20,000 people gather there to appreciate the festival, which displays some of the best names in the national and international EDM scene. DJs such as Rica Amaral, Neelix, Avalon and Captain Hook have already graced the festival, which is divided into 5 different stages. Although many fans go there for its array of EDM concerts, the festival also offers concerts of a wide variety of musical styles such as rap, reggae, funk and jazz music.

Apart from the music, there are many activities that take place during the festival. There are talks, workshops, shamanic ceremonies and many others, most of which take place in the “Arena Circulou” and the “Tenda de Cura” (healing tent). These activities offer a great opportunity for cultural exchange, and greatly enhance the overall festival experience. Tickets for the festival range between R$460 to R$590, and can be bought at the festivals website at the following address:

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