Rugby is a fast growing international sport which developed from Football (Soccer) when in 1823 the legendary William Webb Ellis, a student of Rugby College in England, picked up the ball and began to run with it.

The game then developed mainly through British private schools and universities until an organized competition was created in 1871. The game then spread to various other regions of the world, such as New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, and other parts of Europe (particularly France).

Rugby’s development in South America has been mainly through public schools, and also with expats of the major playing nations emigrating to this area of the world.

In Brazil the game has a small but extremely loyal playing and watching public, and in recent years has started to develop quite strongly, to the extent that this year we will have 3 divisions of teams playing week in, week out.
Rugby really is a great team game, which invokes team spirit, comradery both on and off the field, and welcomes players of all shapes and sizes!

For anyone interested in learning more about rugby, coming to watch a game, playing for a team, keeping fit, making mini tours of Brazil, or even an opportunity to practice your English – please go to and click Rugby.

Information can also be gained at O’Malley’s bar (corner of Alemeida Itu and Rua Consolação) by asking for the main man Ali Visserman.