One of São Paulo‘s newest leisure options is the recently inaugurated bicycle park. Despite its name the park‘s 3,000 square meters can also be used by skaters and joggers. There is an area reserved for children and a bicycle simulator, which can be used on the weekends to evaluate your physical fitness.

Where:Alameda Iraé, 35 (corner of Av. Ibirapuera and Av. Indianópolis).

When: Mon-Sun from 6am to midnight more>>


Rugby is a fast growing international sport which developed from football (soccer) when in 1823 the legendary William Webb Ellis, a student of Rugby College in England, picked up the ball and began to run with it. The game then developed mainly through British private schools and universities until an organized competition was created in 1871.


Golf‘s growing all over the world and Brazil‘s no exception, around 30 clubs have been built in the last 5 years and the &#145Confederacão Brasileiro de Golfe‘ (C.B.G) has just opened the country‘s first public course conveniently located near Congonhas airport. A collection of short par threes that amazingly, will be lit at night so now there‘s no excuse for not getting the old sticks out of the cupboard and dusting off your back swing. more>>


Yes, cricket does exist in Brazil. In fact, Brazil finished third place last year in the South American Championship, held in Buenos Aires, with the home side, Argentina, coming first and Chile second. In Sao Paulo there are games every other Sunday, from March to early December, at the SPAC Club, Santo Amaro. Cricket is also played at the HSBC club in Curitiba, and will soon be restarting in Brasília. more>>