By Pedro Souza
October 3, 2017

Known for the beauty of its idyllic beaches and sand dunes, Maranhão is definitely a state worth visiting. For you to get acquainted with the local language, we have compiled some “Maranhense” slangs and expressions.

Brocado: “A Maranhense” doesn’t get hungry, he gets “brocado”.
Maguaça: A “maguaça” ia a person that is extremely drunk or a mistake made by a drunk person.
Piqueno/piquena: A modified version of the word “pequeno/pequena” (little), this is how people call young boys/girls in Maranhão.
Caguetar: To snitch on someone.
Pois é (so it is): An expression used when agreeing with what someone is saying.
Meu chapa (my “chapa”): An informal and affectionate way way of referring to a friend.
Marrapá!: An expressions of surprise.
Encabuloso: Something different, or changed.
Ralado (scraped): Something that is not worth it or that is boring or low quality is “ralado”.
Mangar: To “mangar” someone is to make fun of that person.
Esparroso: Something that attracts attention is “esparroso”.
Zilado: Things are not fast in Maranhão, they are “ziladas”.
Lascado: When someone is in deep trouble that person is “lascado”.
Fuá: In Maranhão people don’t make a mess, they make a “fuá”.
Aziar: To ruin something.
Galudo: An arrogant or cocky person.
Se amostrar: To show off.
Cabuloso: Something bizarre or shocking.
Arrilado: To be “arrilado” is to be anguished.
Bagaceira: Maranhenses don’t go to the party, they go to the “bagaceira”.
Arremedar: To copy something or someone.
Mucura: A “mucura” is something ugly.
Escangalhar: To “escangalhar” something is to break it.
Fulero: Something of bad quality.
Ferro (Iron): Something you enjoy or admire.
Canhenga: A stingy person.
Na roça (In the fields): As strange as it sounds, to be “in the fields” means to be jobless in Maranhão.
Gazear: To skip or to miss something.
Azuretado: A person that is confused or daydreaming.
Quebrar a cabeça (to break the head): When you have to think intensively to solve a problem, you have to break your head over it.
Ser o bicho cacau (to be the cacao animal): To be the “bicho cacau” is to be the best.
Lacolá: A place that is very far away is “lacolá”.
Enfarento: Someone who is easy to make fun of.
Fuxicar: In Maranhão people don’t gossip, they “fuxicam”.
Marmoço: A positive affirmation one might hear after asking a question.
Pucardiquê: This word is a shortened way of saying “por causa de que” (because of what?). It is a way of asking “why”.
Gaiato: A funny person.
Dicumê: A shortened version of “de comer” (for eating), this is a local expression for “food”.
Paia: Something boring or not worth it.
Se acomodar (to accommodate oneself): To get quiet.
Bater beira (to hit an edge): To “hit an edge” in Maranhão is to take a walk with no destination.
Na pedra (in the rock): When you are in need of something, you are “in the rock”.

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