By Pedro Souza
March 27, 2017

In the center of Brazil lies the state of Goiás. In Goiás one finds Brasília, the capital of Brazil, but the state is also home to wonders such as the state park of Chapada Diamantina. Going there, one will also be greeted with a local culture and a local way of speaking Portuguese. To get you acquainted with the Goiano Portuguese, we have made a compilation of local slangs and expressions below.

Acho paia (I find it “paia”): And expressions used when someone thinks something to be of bad taste.
Véi: The Goiano equivalent of “dude” or “man”.
Trem (Train): While the word “trem” means “train”, it can also mean “thing” in Goiás.
Prego (Nail): A person that is annoying or bad at something.
Encabulado: In most of Brazil, it means “ashamed”. In Goiás to be “encabulado” is to be impressed.
Dedar (To finger): To “dedar” someone is to snitch on that person.
Dar trela (To give trela): To give “trela” is to have a laughing attack.
Madurar: When the sun rises, the day has “madurado”.
Fuça: This word can either mean an animal’s nose or a person’s face.
Posar (To pose): In Goiás, to pose means to sleep.
Esbaforido: Tired, exhausted.
Agoniado: When you are in agony, you are “agoniado”
Segue toda a vida (Go ahead your whole life): When giving directions, Goianos will say that when telling someone that they have to walk for a long time in a straight line.
Caçar (To hunt): Goianos don’t search for something, they hunt it.
Mala (Bag): In the rest of Brazil, a “mala” is an annoying person. In Goiás, a “mala” is a cunning person.
Custoso (Costly): This slang can either mean a stubborn person or something that takes a lot of effort to accomplish.
Ta cedo moço! (It is early man!): An expression used when saying goodbye, regardless of how early (or late) it actually is.
Veiáco: A veiáco is someone who is quick-witted.
Clarear um caso (To clear a case): To solve a problem.
Comer na gaveta (To eat inside the drawer): When a person is being stingy, that person is “eating inside the drawer”.
Dormir no macio (To sleep somewhere soft): In Goiás, a person that lives an easy life is “sleeping somewhere soft”.
Matando o bicho (Killing the animal): When someone in Goiás says he is “killing the animal”, it means he is drinking an alcoholic beverage.
Esticar a corda (To extend the rope): If a person is asking too much from someone, that person is “extending the rope”.
Montar no gavião (To ride the hawk): To be disappointed or ashamed.
Picar a mula (To sting the mule): To run away.
Leréia: When someone is trying to deceive you, that person is talking “leréia”.
Espandongar: To “espandongar” is to ruin something or to create chaos or disorder.
Trelente: Someone who talks too much or who has no discretion.
Dar rata (To give a rat): To do something stupid.
Lascou!: When things goe wrong, a Goiano might exclaim “lascou”!
Esturdia: These days.
Estar com a orelha em pé (To have the ear up): When someone “has the ear up”, that person is suspicious or alert.
Sair da brasa para a labareda (To go from the embers to the flame): To go from a bad situation to an ever worse one.

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