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São Paulo, February 10, 2016
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 Best of Brazil

A short list of Brazil‘s most popular spots with photo, short text, links and hotel suggestions.

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Best of Brazil

Porto Seguro

Porto Seguro (literally safe port), in the southern part of Bahia state, is a very popular tourist location and a monumental city in that it marks the point of discovery of Brazil with the arrival of the Portuguese in 1500. . If you stay in Porto Seguro, you can visit the Cidade Alta, which marks the spot of one of the first settlements in Brazil. From here you can get a superb view of the surrounding landscape and visit the old churches and ruins. Here you can see capoeira shows. The town itself has no beaches and for this reason most people take the 5 minute ferry trip across to Arraial d'Ajuda, which is smaller and more primitive but has an abundance of pleasant and comfortable pousadas as well as some of the most beautiful beaches in Brazil. Across the water in Arraial some of the roads are still unpaved and things happen at a much slower pace. It comes to life at night though with most of the action centered along the main street called Broduai (Broadway) and the Mucugé street. There are many restaurants, shops and artisans. Also popular is the village of Trancoso, about 30 km further south, which has incredible white-sand beaches as well as colorful colonial buildings. However, the nightlife is much more relaxed than in Arraial. Trancoso can be reached by bus or more easily by hiring a dune buggy. To rent a buggy in Porto Seguro try Canabrava at (73) 3288 3877, and in Arraial d'Ajuda, Aluggy Buggy at (73) 3575 1096.





Hotels (B&B)

Pousada Agua Marinha, BA
Estrada da Balsa, 2340
Praia Araçaípe
Tel: (073) 3575 2763
Price range: R$40-R$65
Website: www.pousadaaguamarinha.com

Pousada La Luna
Tel: (73) 3575-1231
Price range: R$30-R$60

Pousada Areia Branca
Praia do Araçaípe
Tel: (73) 3575-1117
Price range: R$40-R$60

Pousada Atlântica
Estrada de Trancoso
Tel: (73) 3575-1050
Price range: R$35-R$55

Pousada Vila do Beco
Tel: (73) 3575-1230
Price range: R$40-R$60

Pousada Flamboyant
Tel: (73) 3575-1025
Price range: R$30-R$80

Pousada Bem Virá
Tel: (73) 3575-1184
Price range: R$45-R$60

Pousada Mar Aberto
Tel: (73) 3575-1153
Price range: R$40-R$70

Pousada Fiori di Mare
Praia Mucugê
Tel: (73) 3575-1036
Price range: R$50-R$70

Berro d´Água
Praia do Apaga-Fogo
Tel: (73) 3575-1073
Price range: R$48-R$90

Aurora Park
Praia de Araçaípe
Tel: (73) 3575-1026
Price range: R$55-R$85

Pousada Jangada
Praia de Araçaípe
Tel: (73) 3575-1255
Price range: R$54-R$98

Pousada Tropical
Tel: (73) 3575-1049
Price range: R$55-R$98

Pousada Verde Água
Praia Araçaipe
Tel: (73) 3575-1453
Price range: R$70-R$105

Pousada Erva Doce
Tel: (73) 3575-1113
Price range: R$86-R$140

Pousada La Gringa
Praia Apaga-Fogo
Tel: (73) 3575-1296
Price range: R$70-R$120

Pousada Varanda do Sol
Tel: (73) 3575-1051
Price range: R$90-R$100

Pousada Beijo do Vento
Alto Mucugê
Tel: (73) 3575-1349
Price range: R$110-R$125

Mucugê Village
Praia de Mucugê
Tel: (73) 3575-1238
Price range: R$80-R$178

Pousada Aquarela
Praia do Apaga-Fogo
Tel: (73) 3575-1577
Price range: R$126-R$140

Pousada Canto da Alvorada
Praia de Araçaípe
Tel: (73) 3575-1218
Price range: R$152-R$152

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 Short Trips

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