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São Paulo, February 13, 2016
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 Best of Brazil

A short list of Brazil‘s most popular spots with photo, short text, links and hotel suggestions.

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Best of Brazil


Florianopolis, capital of the southern state of Santa Catarina, lies mostly on the island of Ilha de Santa Catarina. The mainland part of the city, where all the business happens, has some interesting colonial buildings but most people skip these and head straight to the beaches. Among the main activities are diving, surfing, sandboarding on the dunes, trekking and rafting. The east-coast beaches are considered the nicest, with large waves for surfing and plenty of sand area. The northern beaches are calmer, better for swimming, and this is where most of the hotels and restaurants are situated. Apart from beautiful beaches the island also has its share of old forts, including Sao Jose, Ratones and Anhatomirim, which were built to protect against invaders during the Portuguese reign. The mainland and the island are connected by the picturesque Ponte Hercilio Luz bridge. It was built in 1926 and modeled, to a smaller scale, on San Francisco's Golden Gate bridge. The city is modern by Brazilian standards with an efficient transport system and can boast the lowest crime and pollution rates among the country's state capitals. The city is about a 5-hour road trip from Curitiba and 12 hours from Sao Paulo.


Atobá Inn - Santinho Beach
Individual Apartments for up to 4 people (separate main bedroom, living room with bunk beds, kitchen & bathroom). Also Apartments for 1-2 people (1 Br + 1 Bth). A/C or ceiling fan, cable tv, telephone, internet access. Rates include breakfast and rooms are serviced daily (bed and fresh bath linen). Friendly cozy atmosphere for all nationalities. Owners speak English and Spanish.
e-mail: pousadadoatoba@hotmail.com
Website: www.pousadadoatoba.com.br


In English with useful information and nice images of Florianopolis..

Information on beaches, historic attractions, outings and other events.


Pousada dos Tucanos
Tel: (048) 237-5084
Price range: R$32-R$50

Baía Sul
Tel: (048) 2240810
Price range: R$35-R$51

Pousada Caminho dos Açores
Tel: (048) 235-1363
Price range: R$45

Candice Apart Hotel
Tel: (048) 232-5700
Price range: R$50-R$70

Tel: (048) 237-2105
Price range: R$60-R$70

Cabanas Duna‘Sol
Tel: (048) 232-6666
Price range: R$43-R$94

Dimas Park Hotel
Tel: (048) 240-1111
Price range: R$75-R$90

Chalé Ponta das Canas
Tel: (048) 284-1311
Price range: R$59-R$108

Joaquina Beach Hotel
Tel: (048) 232-0059
Price range: R$50-R120

Jurerê Beira-Mar
Tel: (048) 282-1337
Price range: R$ 100

Hotel Fazenda Jomar
Tel: (048) 245-1514
Price range: R$ 60-R$ 140

Canto da Ilha
Tel: (048) 261-4000
Price range: R$ 104-R$ 128

Baía Norte Palace Hotel
Tel: (048) 229-3144
Price range: R$ 93-R$ 150

Lexus Internacional Ingleses
Tel: (048) 269-2622
Price range: R$ 200-R$ 250

Marathon Plaza
Tel: (048) 266-0040
Price range: R$ 210-R$ 240

Praia Brava Hotel
Tel: (048) 284-1155
Price range: R$ 200-R$ 250

Praia Mole Park Hotel & Spa
Tel: (048) 232-5231
Price range: R$ 166-R$ 311

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