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São Paulo, February 8, 2016
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 Best of Brazil

A short list of Brazil‘s most popular spots with photo, short text, links and hotel suggestions.

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Best of Brazil

Chapada Diamantina

Bahia's rock plateau region of Chapada Diamantina is located around 420 km west of the state's capital, Salvador. The best place of departure to visit the Chapada is the quiet and charming town of Lencois. This hiker's paradise is made up of mountains and valleys and has an abundance of caves, waterfalls and underground lakes. Treks can last from one hour to three days. The trail from Lencois to Vale do Paty is considered one of the region's most beautiful, passing by the town of Capao with has one of Brazil's highest waterfall, at 422 meters. One of region's most famous caves is Poco Encantado, around 60 meters deep, with clear waters which are given a turquoise appearance from the sun during the months of June to August. Among the region's other attractions are the peak of Morro do Pai Inacio and the Lapa Doce cave, one of the longest in the area running over 800 meters.




Estalagem Alcino e Silva
Tel: (075) 334-1171
Price range: R$20-R$50

Guaxo Hotel Fazenda
Tel: (075)334-1356
Price range: R$25-R$50

Tel: (075)334-1114
Price range: R$23-R$60

Pousada Pedras do Iguatu
Tel: (071)332-5557
Price range: R$30-R$58

Pousada Buona Sorte
Tel: (075) 334-1385
Price range: R$32-R$60

Tel: (075) 334-1120
Price range: R$25-R$70

Alpina Resort Mucugê
Tel: (075)338-2150
Price range: R$70

Pousada Canto das Águas
Tel: (075) 334-1154
Price range: R$58-R$90

Hotel de Lençóis
Tel: (075) 334-1102
Price range: R$63-R$121

Portal Lençóis
Tel: (075)334-1233
Price range: R$117-R$130

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 Short Trips

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