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São Paulo, February 12, 2016
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 Best of Brazil

A short list of Brazil‘s most popular spots with photo, short text, links and hotel suggestions.

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Best of Brazil

Porto de Galinhas

Porto de Galinhas, once a small obscure fishing town 60km south of Recife, has now become a major tourist attraction and can easily be described as an unforgettable paradise. An eighteen-kilometer stretch of enchanting beach, lined with palm trees, mangroves and cashew trees, lies around 3km from the town center. There are many small boats for rent that will take you out to the warm waters of Ilha de Santo Alexio island, where you can easily spend the day soaking up the sun and taking in the fabulous sights. Another big attraction is the Muro Alto beach, which is best reached by dune buggy. Also worth visiting is the ancient and magnificent convent of Santo Cristo, founded by the monk, Antonio da Ilha, back in the 17th century. Most of the cheaper pousadas are in the center of the village, while the better hotels are on the beachfront.




Pousada dos Coqueiros
Tel: (081) 552-1294
Price range: R$28-R$80

Tel: (081) 552-1251
Price range: R$50-R$60

Pousada Marambi
Tel: (081) 972-3812
Price range: R$60-R$70

Arco Íris
Tel: (081) 552-1446
Price range: R$60

Chalés Quatro Estações
Tel: (081) 552-1488
Price range: R$50-R$100

Chalés Porto e Mar
Tel: (081) 326-2885
Price range: R$65-R$105

Pousada Beira-Mar
Tel: (081) 552-1052
Price range: R$70-R$105

Tel: (081) 552-1049
Price range: R$90

Marupiara Praia
Tel: (081) 552-1199
Price range: R$130

Armação de Porto
Tel: (081) 552-1146
Price range: R$150

Intermares Vilage
Tel: (081) 527-4200
Price range: R$260-R$286

Barra de Itaporã
Tel: (081) 552-1037
Price range: R$260-R$290

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 Short Trips

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