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São Paulo, February 10, 2016
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 Best of Brazil

A short list of Brazil‘s most popular spots with photo, short text, links and hotel suggestions.

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Best of Brazil

Morro de Sao Paulo

Morro de Sao Paulo is a small fishing village on the island of Tinhare, off the coast of Bahia state. It has only recently been discovered as a tourist attraction so is still relatively unspoiled. Out of high season it is a calm and relaxing place to spend a few days, or even weeks. The island is famous for its clear waters and beautiful beaches, four in all, which are identified by numbers and are all within walking distance. No cars are allowed on the island, but you can get around using one of the many tractor driven trailers, which run along the beach during the day. Among the island's main activities are diving, windsurfing and fishing. You can also go hiking up through the mountains if you are feeling adventurous. Most of the nightlife is located along the main street, where there are no shortage of bars and restaurants, and there are also regular beach parties at night. There is a permanent flea market at the main square where you can buy souvenirs and gifts. Given its strategic position the island served in the past as a fortress to ward off attacks by French and Dutch pirates. Some remnants of the castles and fortresses still remain, such as Forte de São Paulo, which is open to visitors. There are regular fast and slow boats leaving daily to the island from Valenca (1.5 hours) and Salvador (4 hours).







Pousada do Outeiro
Tel: (075) 972-1535
Price range: R$35-R$70

Pousada Tasssimirim
Tel: (075) 981-2378
Price range: R$42-R$70

Pousada Solar do Morro
Tel: (075) 783-1057
Price range: R$50-R$70

Pousada Farol do Morro
Tel: (075) 783-1036
Price range: R$50-R$90

Morro de São Paulo
Tel: (075) 783-1080
Price range: R$68-R$75

Pousada Catavento
Tel: (075) 783-1052
Price range: R$70-R$80

Pousada da Praça
Tel: (075) 783-1047
Price range: R$60-R$95

Pousada O Casarão
Tel: (075) 783-1022
Price range: R$70-R$100

Ventos Aliseos
Tel: (075) 783-1023
Price range: R$113-R$125

Pousada da Torre
Tel: (075) 783-1038
Price range: R$110-R$135

Villegaigo Resort
Tel: (075) 783-1010
Price range: R$135

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 Short Trips

Looking to get out of Sao Paulo for the weekend. Check out our suggestions for short trips from Sao Paulo and leave the smog and stress behind.

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