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São Paulo, February 11, 2016
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 Best of Brazil

A short list of Brazil‘s most popular spots with photo, short text, links and hotel suggestions.

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Best of Brazil


Formed in the mid 17th century, Maceio is the capital of the Northeastern state of Alagoas and birthplace of impeached Brazilian president Fernando Collar. The city is surrounded by clear blue waters and natural beauty, wedged between the ocean and the Mandau and Manguaba lakes. Maceio is modern and relaxed city with an array of beautiful white sandy beaches, lined with palm trees, and some historical areas in the commercial center. The city can boast all-year round sunshine with tropical temperatures averaging 28 degrees Celsius. Maceio, which currently has over 800,000 inhabitants, was built around the local sugar cane industry, which is still an important part of the local economy, along with the growing tourism industry. A good time to visit is in mid-December when the city holds its own local carnival event called Maceiofest and between Christmas and January 6, when the city holds its Reisado religious festival. The Maceio Jazz Festival, which began in 1995, is normally held in mid-November and is also well worth a visit by music lovers. Praia da Pajucara is one of the city's most famous beaches, where you can catch a boat out to the coral rife and 'natural swimming pool', 2km out from the coast. The pool is so popular that it even has a floating bar and public pay phones.




Pousada Arco-íris
Tel: (082) 291-1250
Barra de Santo Antônio
Price region: R$25-R$35

Parque Hotel
Tel: (082) 336-5293
Price region: R$23-R$44

Pousada do Conde
Tel: (082) 325-1947
Cruz das Almas
Price region: R$26-R$45

Tel: (082) 336-6200
Price region: R$29-R$42

Pousada Cavalo Marinho
Tel: (082) 355-1247
Praia do Riacho Doce
Price region: R$29-R$48

Praia Bonita
Tel: (082) 231-2565
Praia de Pajuçara
Price region: R$35-R$45

Pousada Praia das Garças
Tel: (082) 355-1080
Praia de Riacho Doce
Price region: R$30-R$50

Porto Grande
Tel: (082) 357-2488
Ponta Verde
Price region: R$43-R$48

Tel: (082) 327-5488
Price region: R$45-R$60

Francês Beira Mar Hotel
Tel: (082) 260-1365
Praia do Francês
Price region: R$50-R$60

Solara Praia Hotel
Tel: (082) 231-4371
Price region: R$50-R$70

Tel: (082) 235-1534
Price region: R$57-R$69

Sol da Praia
Tel: (082) 325-1010
Price region: R$60-R$70

Colonial Praia
Tel: (082) 327-9333
Ponta Verde
Price region: R$68-R$98

Tel: (082) 231-8033
Ponta Verde
Price region: R$70-R$110

Praia Hotel Sete Coqueiros
Tel: (082) 231-8583
Praia de Pajuçara
Price region: R$96-R$120

Vereda Tropical
Tel: (082) 231-9200
Ponta Verde
Price region: R$100-R$120

Ouro Branco
Tel: (082) 231-4433
Price region: R$110-R$140

Jatiúca Resort
Tel: (082) 327-2555
Praia de Jatiúca
Price region: R$144-R$160

Venta Club Pratagy
Tel: (082) 399-1112
Praia do Pratagi
Price region: R$132-R$264

Jatiúca Resort
Tel: (082) 327-5959
Praia Cruz das Almas
Price region: R$160-R$388

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 Short Trips

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