By Prof. Claudia
I’d like to suggest you look for the words for complete songs and poems given in my lessons, as I only use part of them. Besides expanding oral understanding and vocabulary, I’m sure you’d also learn a great deal about Brazilian culture. Now let’s go to our verbs, shall we?

Activity 1
Read this song, Refrão de Bolero, by Engenheiros do Hawaii.

Eu que falei sem was I who spoke without thinking
E agora me arrependo..and now I regret
Roendo as unhas..biting my nails
Frgeis testemunhas de um crime sem perdão….fragile witnesses of an unforgiven crime
Mas eu que falei sem pensar….but I spoke without thinking
Coraão na mão….heart ii my hands
Como um refrão de bolero….as the chorus of a ballad
Eu fui sincero..I was sincere
Como não se pode ser.”….as one can not be

Activity 2
There are 2 pasts in the song, and falar is a regular verb. Observe and understand Pretrito Perfeito. simple past. Let’s take a look at the table below:

Pronoun First Conjugation Second Conjugation Third Conjugation
Example Amar Bater Partir
Eu Amei Bati Parti
Voc, ele, ela Amou Bateu Partiu
Nós Amamos Batemos Partimos
Vocs, eles, elas Amaram Bateram Partiram

Activity 3
Try to complete: more regular verbs in the simple past.

Pronoun First Conjugation Second Conjugation Third Conjugation
Example Falar Vender Sorrir
Eu . . .
Voc, ele, ela . . .
Nós . . .
Vocs, eles, elas . . .

Activity 4
Now contextualize the song in activity one, by answering the questions using simple pasts.
1. E voc? J falou (ou fez) algo sem pensar?
2. E depois? Voc se arrependeu?
3. E o que voc fez? Voc roeu as unhas?
4. E por que falou sem pensar? Voc tambm foi sincero demais?

See you next class!
Prof Cludia

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