Portuguese Tips: Regular Verbs – Simple Past

By Prof. Claudia
I&rsquot;d like to suggest you look for the words for complete songs and poems given in my lessons, as I only use part of them. Besides expanding oral understanding and vocabulary, I&rsquot;m sure you&rsquot;d also learn a great deal about Brazilian culture. Now let&rsquot;s go to our verbs, shall we?

Activity 1
Read this song, Refrão de Bolero, by Engenheiros do Hawaii.

Eu que falei sem pensar..it was I who spoke without thinking
E agora me arrependo..and now I regret
Roendo as unhas..biting my nails
Frgeis testemunhas de um crime sem perdão….fragile witnesses of an unforgiven crime
Mas eu que falei sem pensar….but I spoke without thinking
Coraão na mão….heart ii my hands
Como um refrão de bolero….as the chorus of a ballad
Eu fui sincero..I was sincere
Como não se pode ser.”….as one can not be

Activity 2
There are 2 pasts in the song, and falar is a regular verb. Observe and understand Pretrito Perfeito. simple past. Let’s take a look at the table below:

PronounFirst ConjugationSecond ConjugationThird Conjugation
Voc, ele, elaAmouBateuPartiu
Vocs, eles, elasAmaramBateramPartiram

Activity 3
Try to complete: more regular verbs in the simple past.

PronounFirst ConjugationSecond ConjugationThird Conjugation
Voc, ele, ela...
Vocs, eles, elas...

Activity 4
Now contextualize the song in activity one, by answering the questions using simple pasts.
1. E voc? J falou (ou fez) algo sem pensar?
2. E depois? Voc se arrependeu?
3. E o que voc fez? Voc roeu as unhas?
4. E por que falou sem pensar? Voc tambm foi sincero demais?

See you next class!
Prof Cludia

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