By Prof. Claudia
Instead of verbs, we’ll work with noun plurals today. As learning verbs is a long task, let’s keep them for every other lesson, shall we? I would like to thank Dennis from the US and Dave from Oz, who have sent me some great feedback on my lessons. I love to receive emails from you so please keep them coming. Secondly, I thought I was giving only Portuguese tips, but some English ones are here as well, isn’t that right Luis?

Activity 1
Read part of a song, Dois Rios, by Skank:

E os lbios beijam and lips kiss
E os olhos vem and eyes see
E os braos sentem and arms feel
Dois rios inteiros sem direão two whole free rivers
E o meu lugar este aqui and my place is right here
Ao lado seu next to you
No corpo inteiro…” in all of your body

The words lbios, olhos, braos and rios are in the plural form. As there are several ways to form plurals, it is important to know the word in the singular form. After this, it’s just a matter of applying the rules!

Activity 2
Let’s take a look at the table below:

Singular – Words Ending Add Plural
a, e, i, o, u, , ee.g. mesa, casebre, pai, aluno, tatu, r, me
mesas, casebres, pais, alunos, tatus, rs, mes
al, el, ol, ule.g. animal, carretel, anzol, azul
animais, carretis, anzóis, azuis
ile.g. fóssil, funil
eis or is
fósseis, funis
um, eme.g. lbum, armazm
lbums, armazns
r, ze.g. cor, giz
Cores, gizes

Activity 3
Using the table above, write these words in the plural form:
Escritório: ___________
Profissional: ___________
Secretria: ___________
Gerente: ___________
Diretor: ___________
Papel: ___________
Viagem: ___________

Activity 4
If you take a look at the song again, you’ll find the sentence “dois rios inteiros”.
In Portuguese, adjectives also have a plural form, which we’ll learn later on.

See you next class!
Prof Cludia

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