Set in late Victorian London, The Elephant Man is a haunting tale of hypocrisy, love and betrayal. Based on the true story of John Merrick, whose grotesque birth deformities forced him into the brutal life of a Freak-Show. The Elephant Man is a powerful allegory of freedom and justice, exposing the vanity at the heart of Victorian society.

Bernard Pomerance’s haunting true tale of the hypocrisy at the heart of Victorian Society is more pertinent than ever in today’s climate of political correctness, racial harmony and global cultural differences.

Using a cast of eight, SINCERA Productions The Elephant Man will take its cues from Victorian Melodrama and the current trend in British Theatre’s for epic story telling. This story of one man struggle to be like others” is an important part of SINCERA’s Educational slant and brings to St Paul’s School an example of Acceptance in the face of adversity.

After SINCERA’s sell out success “Animal Farm” in 2002, this young Company is returning to Brazil constantly striving to bring the best of British theatre to São Paulo.

Don’t miss the performances:-
When: August 25, 26, 27 and 28 at 8.00 pm
Where: St Paul’s School Theatre, Rua Juqui 166 – Jardim Paulistano

When: August 30 and 31
Where: Cultura Inglesa Theatre”

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