No Going Back

Are you changing your life to pursue your dreams? Moving to Brazil planning never to return? No Going Back is a highly successful television programme on one of the major terrestrial TV channels in Britain that offers a unique insight into the lives of British people who have downed tools, upped sticks and started a new life abroad. In series one, each programme told a different story of people transforming their lives to follow their dreams. Be it running an idyllic fishing lake in France, or growing their own grapes, olives and almonds in rural Spain, to setting up a safari lodge in Zambia, or buying an exotic Island in Nicaragua.
We are now looking for new life changing stories for the second series and are looking for people who are about to or are in the process of moving to Brazil in order to set up a new business and pursue their dream of creating a new life abroad. If you match this profile please contact Candy Trigg at Ricochet South on 00 44 1273 201345 or e-mail

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