By Mark Taylor
Fans of Moby will be delighted to hear that he is appearing in Brazil for 4 concerts next week, at the Chevrolet Hall (MG), Hotel Unique (SP), Espao das Amricas (SP) and Rio Centro (RJ).

Moby had moderate success through the early to mid 90s with albums like Everything is Wrong (1995) and Animal Rights (1996), and also added the odd tune here and there to film soundtracks which culminated in the compilation album I Like to Score (1997). This included tracks from films such as Heat, James Bond, and the big dance floor hit Go” (which included a sample from Twin Peaks).

Moby found his audience though with the 1999 album Play, which although it had a slow start was spotted by a number of advertising firms that turned several singles into classics, that in turn sold the album. The album has since gone Gold or Platinum in many countries with classic tracks such as Porcelain, Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad, and Natural Blues. Even those who have never heard of Moby may well recognise the tracks.

Since 1999 Moby has released two more albums, 18 (2002) and Hotel (2005). Both have a similar feel to Play and you can’t help but think that he is trying to capitalise on the success. Although this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as Play was an intelligent and varied album.

16 Sep 05 – Hotel Unique (SP) R$300
17 Sep 05 – Rio Centro (RJ) R$100-180
20 Sep 05 – Espao das Amricas (SP) R$140
21 Sep 05 – Chevrolet Hall (MG) R$80-160

Tickets available from Ticketmaster.”
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