• just when you thought your diary was fit to burst, theres more. Would you like to see a play on life in the Sertao? I knew you would. See Jeca tatu brought to life in COMO NASCE UM CABRA DA PESTE at the beautifully repainted THEATRO SANTA ROSA in central Joao Pessoa Paraiba.When? 18, 19,20 of July 2008 at 17.00

  • She loved it so much she’s coming back! WHO? Why XUXA of course. She is making a guest appearance with the backyardigans.Where and when? TEATRO EDNALDO DO EYGYPTO at 17.00 on 1st June, 8 June and 15th June 2008More information on (83) 3247 5955Grab a flyer and get a discountHugof 20%. Joao Pessoa- where happiness knows no boundsLOL

  • [QUOTE=London Lad] [QUOTE=tamashin]Sorry Lad, cut and paste is my limit, never mind building a website. However, if you find one,do let us know, wont you? [/QUOTE]I’m waiting for the reply to an e-mail that I believe is being sent to another site to ask about linking.I let you now when we get a reply; unless you hear something firstLOL[/QUOTE] The…[Read more]

  • As usual, there is something for everyone in Joao Pessoa, Paraiba. Not only do you have to look back through the previous pages (as some events run for several weeks) but frequent checks of this post will help keep you up to date. Today sees the start of a huge home grown circus festival lasting till the 3rd of May. The events are many and varied,…[Read more]

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    Are you member of any club? Where do you live?

  • [QUOTE=nevergoingback]Do you really think he was lazy instead of him not having heard an accent on a regular basis? We all recall the Pink Panther movies with the French police inspector hacking around with the English language – it’s the same for the average brasileiro – they are simply not accustomed to hearing Portuguese used in a different…[Read more]

  • usually really bad acne. like really gross friends and i all know what that means.

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    for real i can’t stand novelas. i don’t know how people can waste a precious hour of their lives every night watching that stuff, especially men.