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  • Just a couple of weeks ago the Real stood at 3.87 against the GBP… it is at 4.36….???? OuchIs it ever going to drop back below 3.8 – 3.9??

  • JP is a pretty decent place. I live about 40 minutes outside the city in a place with beautiful views and scenery, and it’s so green too. Even the Brazilians who have been to my house have been amazed at the views.Each individual has their likes and dislikes…..just as well really as it would be a very boring World. Smile

  • [QUOTE=Esprit][QUOTE=growler]Excuse my ignorance but I ca never work out which way the currency will go when it strengthens/weakens.If the Real were devalued, would that be better or worse for money coming into Brazil? Confused[/QUOTE]Better, of course.[/QUOTE]That’s what I thought but not what I wanted to hear… even less if sending money to the UK. Unhappy

  • Excuse my ignorance but I ca never work out which way the currency will go when it strengthens/weakens.If the Real were devalued, would that be better or worse for money coming into Brazil? Confused

  • Now around R$4 to the √Ǭ£…….when will it go down again??

  • Not sure about visas based on marriage etc but with an Investors Visa you can apply for Naturalisation after 4 years. The catch is that the I.V. is now renewable after only 3 years and not 5 years.

  • A 100 Real note LOLi’m amazed if the shops have change for a 10 Real note! I went to the Post Office once and had to pay R$2.50 for a small letter, and they couldn’t change a 5 Real note Shockedgrowler2014-01-06 17:50:42

  • wtdknknm replied to the topic Traffic accident in the forum Vent Your Frustrations 8 years ago

    In Joao Pessoa they have recently blocked off many retornos and access points and even changed some roundabouts so it now means having to drive onto the main carriageway to a retorno and come all the way back to get to the road off the roundabout that you wanted……. and all because the majority of the drivers are unable to negotiate these…[Read more]

  • wtdknknm replied to the topic Traffic accident in the forum Vent Your Frustrations 8 years ago

    Almost every time we drive into the city we have at least one near miss. It seems the majority of drivers here got their driving licenses free in a packet of cornflakes because they just don’t have a clue. Don’t look, don’t think and expect everyone to get out of their way or know what they are going to do…when they themselves don’t know!

  • It was a bit of an eye opener when we first purchased a washing machine, absolutely c**p compared to what we are used to in most other countries. The machine doesn’t really clean the clothes, it sort of says “hello” to them and maybe freshens them up a little.These things take a bit of getting used to, same as not having hot water to wash or…[Read more]

  • I haven’t read every single post on this thread but most of what I have read relates to the USD. Without getting into too much detail, what are the main reasons why the GBP exchange rate is at its current level, is it what is happening in Brazil or is it more what is happening in the UK? Thanks in advance.

  • Hi greenfox, most of the bigger companies have a 1 yr contract. With TIM I recorded the speed with an online checker so they couldn’t argue it. I said that if they couldn’t provide me with the service I was paying for, they would have to cancel my contract without penalty, and surprisingly they did. I cancelled Vivo when they couldn’t improve the…[Read more]

  • [QUOTE=sven]Reliable and Internet used in the same sentence. Now that’s a new concept [/QUOTE]My thoughts exactly.I initially went with TIM (I live about 28Km outside the city). They started off “ok” …not great but soon progressedto become completely c**p.I then went to Vivo who actually were quite good……for about 6 months, and then they too…[Read more]

  • Reminds me of when I was 17 and joined the army. I made a few jumps and at the time I had not flown so I could honestly say that I had been up in an aircraft but never landed in one. Big%20smile

  • We considered buying a granja a couple of years back and were advised the price was R$250,000. We had a look around the place with the agent and the following day we were told it was now R$500,000 !! Actually, their greed did us a favour because I now realise that I really wouldn’t want to own a granja.Another instance, we needed some work done on…[Read more]

  • Every foreigner I have spoken to said they lost weight when they came to Brazil.Personally, I was the same weight for years and always eat healthily, don’t do the fizzy drinks etc, very little fried food but after coming to Brazil I lost 14 lbs. At the moment I am down 10 lbs.

  • I think that electricity in Brazil is expensive, with a/c it seems to be off the scale.We have a 2 bed beach house (no a/c), we disconnect the tv etc at night or when we go out and our cooker is gas so we only basically use the electric for lights, tv, microwave, to top up our water each day (about 30 mins) and to water the garden in the Summer…[Read more]

  • As has been said already it does depend on your location. i live about 30 minutes from the city and find the internet to be pretty poor.It is supposed to be 3G technology but often is no faster than dial-up in the UK. Add to that the numerous disconnections every day and the rather mega price of R$130pm for “unlimited” which is cut to an even…[Read more]

  • Have just spoken with Smart Curency Exchange but they only send US Dollars which is then changed in Brazil. I asked him how they can “guarantee” a rate to which he replied “we can guarantee the ¬£ to $ rate” – which obviously doesn’t guarantee a good rate into the R$.I have just put the phone down to Transfast and they do seem a better option. N…[Read more]

  • Thanks for your thoughts.I actually have a nationwide acct which allows me to withdraw money without charge.I did come across a website yesterday which gave a couple of comparisons, on ¬£45,000 it quoted:HSBC – R$112,613.00Smart currency Exchange – R$119,545.00 R$7000 more with Smart Curency, although I haven’t heard of them before and will have t…[Read more]

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