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    Swapping our house in Itanhaém for an apartment in Santos would be considered.
    Details and photos of the house can be found here.

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    I cannot spend enough time there, unfortunately. As stated in the further information (follow link) some renovation is needed, nothing structural. Documentation of ownership is in order.
    Bert Ernste2015-02-07 12:21:33

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    For sale:
    House in quiet neighbourhood (Cibratel I) in Itanha√ɬ©m at São Paulo coast. Near shops and restaurants, only three blocks from the beach.
    Large living room, two bedrooms, two bathrooms, ample kitchen. Small holiday home in the outbuildings as wel an extra bedroom with bathroom. One open, one closed garage, room for in total five cars. Garden, room for swimming pool if desired.
    Asking price R$ 450.000
    More information and photos

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    Is it a Recife thing, or something by the state of Pernambuco? Recife seems to have something here. (Just a wild guess, as I was curious.)

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    If you are talking about the nota fiscal Paulista, I guess you have to set up an account hereand then have look.
    Bert Ernste2014-11-14 16:35:35

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    If your wife formally left Brazil, she may qualify for the bringing of your household stuff, when returning.
    Guia de retorno

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    No idea if it is useful, but the Brazilian government publishes a Guia de retorno ao Brasil.
    Good luck!

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    You will have to renew your card (CIE). Your new one will have no expiry date because of age (validade: indeterminada).
    I guess they will give you a paper (protocolo) when you apply for your new card, which will serve as CIE while waiting for the production of the plastic card.
    Edit: it seems that I was wrong and renewal is not required. See below.
    Bert Ernste2014-04-14 06:20:50

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    I have known Brazilians giving more money to their church than they could afford. Whatever it is, it’s rather sad.

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    If you are not a resident, but a tourist with CPF, there is no need to fill in the income declaration (declara√ɬßão de renda). Did you check to see if your CPF is still regular? It should be.

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    [quote]But yes, you need to fill in the tax return form every year (before end of april) even if you don’t pay anything.[/quote]
    Non-residents do not have to declare their income to the Brazilian taxman, not even if they own real estate in Brazil.
    Bert Ernste2013-12-22 17:24:33

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    Details of Tim prepaid tariffs can be found herefor different states.

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    [quote]Don’t think I’m ready to jump to Mavericks yet. Have to know more about it first. In many cases, an OS jump means that some legacy software no longer runs. [/quote]
    I quite agree. I am still on Snow Leopard, even using old Stylewriters.

    [quote]I’d be very curious to know about your friend’s experience online with Bradesco using a Mac — even better if Bradesco’s not using Java and your friend is experiencing smooth, seamless online banking.[/quote]
    My friend says that he never had a problem. He does not remember having installed some safety device for Bradesco in Java, but is not totally sure. From some internet search and the fact that apparently my friend has not been bothered by having to reinstall the security device after Java updates, my guess is that Bradesco does not use such a Java applet.
    But I am also very keen on definite confirmation.

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    By the way, if your machine can handle it (should do, as you have Lion), the update to Mavericks is free.

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