• Portuguese is a dificult language, it’s the most dificult latin language in Europe (if i may believe the info) beside Romenean language.i think the grammar and sintax is one of the hardest to learn. Portuguese isn’t like what you see is what you hear. exp: electrico is pronounced eletrico (without the c). I’m not sure but i think Brasileiros write…[Read more]

  • Yes, he was laying low however. I expect he chose here because it is still a fishing village and pretty quiet overall. Weekends during the summer and Carnival are about the only times the crowds hit and the Disco’s get rocking! -D

  • Another good driving experience is when your driving at night through the wilderness and you see 2 pairs of lights side by side on the road ahead, the only problem is its a single carriageway and the 2nd pair are infront of you, you flash your lights to signal danger and they start flashing back as if to say I am coming through, as they are…[Read more]

  • [QUOTE=Larry LaRose]The bad news: I was side swiped by a very aggressive driver outside Mangagua. He refused to stop, so I chased him and finally confronted him and told him to either give me 500.00 R or I’ll call the cops and make a report (of course, he had no insurance) so I followed him to a ATM. He forked over the cash. That was about my only…[Read more]

  • [QUOTE=tamashin]Was that the three porquinhos then LOLLOLLOL?[/QUOTE] Heck no mate !!! I ate them (with a dash of HP sauce) while watching the European Grand Prix from Valencia this morning Big%20smileCool

  • Ana Carolina plays at Forrock on the 22-8-08 and incredibly Adriana Calcanhota plays at Jacare in September . Not just legends in their own trousers but two really good performers.

  • Confira as op√ß√µes de lazer em João PessoaDomingo, 03 de Agosto de 2008 08h33Confira as op√ß√µes de lazer em João PessoaDomingo, 3 de agostoCINEMAAM√öMIA: TUMBA DO IMPERADOR DRAG√ÉO (Lan√ßamento/Gen.Aventura/EUA/CAN/ALEMANHA/2008) – O casal Rick e Evelyn O’Connor √©encarregado de levar um valioso artefato para a China, só que o objeto√© desejad…[Read more]

  • It might have been mentioned before but the Manaira cinema is no ordinary cinema. Some say they are the finest screen and cinema conditions in the whole of South America. They are certainly better than any of the cinemas I visited in Sao Paulo.tamashin2008-05-17 09:14:58

  • 17100 posts hmm must be time for another leisure post dont you think. Before I forget, a big hello to my friend, Toby Jugg, an avid reader but non contributor. Saving y’ energy lad Approve?AGENDA CULTURALConfira as op√ß√µes de lazer em João PessoaSábado, 17 de Maio de 2008 07h53Confira as op√ß√µes de lazer em João PessoaSábado, dia 17 de maioCINEMASPEED…[Read more]

  • Hi sCary. I am sure that everyone will thank you for posting as it gives others an opportunity to correct your post. Google will reveal a Joao Pessoa not built up to the beaches. The only part that is built into the sea is a very fine hotel called “Tambau Tropical” there is the English Bridge but that hardly counts. We have a law here which…[Read more]

  • What do I know, well the prefeitura are refurbishing the Farol at the most eastern point of the Americas or Joao Pessoa. A new lawn has been laid around the tower and there are several stalls selling gifts and refreshments. The toilets are in the very first tourist stall and cost 25c in case you didnt know. If you want to walk down to the beach…[Read more]

  • Tenzin replied to the topic US Appliances in the forum Living in Brazil 14 years, 1 month ago

    Yikes, this gets better, they must have a Cray computer to calculate the bills‚Ķ.I just looked down the page a little and I was wrong, there are indeed service charges and of course taxes, however unlike other countries where the service charges are a fixed monthly cost, here in Riothese costs are compounded with your consumption under Res…[Read more]

  • Tenzin replied to the topic US Appliances in the forum Living in Brazil 14 years, 1 month ago

    I was thinking ‘dryer’ but neglected to say it. We don’t have piped gas so I always thought an all-electric dyer would be prohibitive, at least compared to the clothes line method. I have never got around to doing any figuring as the dryers in the stores here seem odd at best and a real US dryer would probably shrink all the clothes to about 1/2…[Read more]

  • [QUOTE=Cary]As I’ve always warned on this site, “Buyer beware!” I’d advise that any gringos looking to resettle in Brasil also check out the small island community of Ilhabela, or the charming Portuguese town of Paratyand its many small unpopulated islands, or many other wonderful Brasilian seafront locations before making any decisions. These…[Read more]

  • Cary,,,,,,,doesn’t it get a little COOL down there? or should i say COLD!we like the nice warm sun to feel on our old hides everyday,,,,,,ha,ha,so warm up and come VISIT! you might change your mind,,,,,,who knows,,have a good day in JPLandBrazil,,,,,I know I will!captbillnbrazil

  • Hi editrixa and wecome. I spent today on some of JP’s most beautiful southern beaches with great food and warm seas. Give me a shout when you get here and I’ll arrange a day out you wo’nt believe.Cool

  • [QUOTE=abovethelaws]you wouldnt also know how much it costs for a brazilian to obtain a license over there? inc driving lessons exam fee’s etc?[/QUOTE]More than you might expect … like maybe R$1200 or more … and you have to take the lessons, or pay for them at least. That is why I commented once that I think that most Brazilians don’t have them.

  • Tamashin: Great happenings. Thanks for keeping us posted. I’m now looking forward to your “Happenings in JP” weekly update. Cool

  • What does un-subscribe mean? Something to do with RSS feed thingy? E-mail notification? I, and I imagine others, use the active topics button to keep up with new and continuing topics.Gringos.com always says the forum is set up wrong. Maybe he knows how to install a BS filter…

  • Hello again Riodog66. Good to see you back too. Will we be seeing you at one of the meet ups?

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