• Hi Kay,

    I suggest you search the old forum at gringoes.com But I doubt very much whether you would be able to obtain citizenship in 2 months. There should be a lot of good advice for your situation on the old forum.

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  • Not sure if there are any old-timers left here, but let’s see.
    Does anyone remember:

    Cruzeiros, Cruzeiro Novo, Cruzados, Cruzado Novo.

    No-one carried any money, because if you put 100 CR$ CN$, whatever, in your pocket
    at 8 a.m., it was worth 80 by 6 p.m.?
    When people paid for ice cream with a cheque?
    When, on payday, the supermarkets were…[Read more]

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  • What NICB said! Pity that it is unlikely that any French would stay.

  • The person who wrote this seems to have done his homework,and don’t forget, the article is only addressed to prospective visitors,not those who live in Brazil.I am all to familiar with the electrical socket problem.

  • Wow 141 pages!This is from a french football magazine. Sorry, it is in Portuguese.” VERGONHA INTERNACIONAL”A ediÀ¬ßão da revista FRANCE FOOTBALL esta semana veio com a capa toda negra, onde se lÀ¬™ “Peur sur le Mondial”, algo como: “Medo do Mundial”, sendo que a letra “O” da palavra “mondial” estÀ¬° a bandeira do Brasil, e onde deveria estar esc…[Read more]

  • Never mind about the ridiculous plot, this novela is a lost opportunity to show the mainstream population what India is really like (up to a point). Instead they show everyone wearing their best party clothes all the time, excessive head-wagging, social concepts which are now forbidden (the caste system, which still exists, but try talking to an…[Read more]

  • Interesting twist, Muhnkee 2. Still, I can think of several changes of venue where it would not quite apply. For instance, moving between any of the countries listed below. There will be some differences and slight culture shock, but nowhere near the change from any of these places to Brazil. Understand I am mentioning basics here.Same language…[Read more]

  • Juninho, Yeah, I said R$6 – 8,000 in an early post, but was shot down in flames by some who said it was too little and others who said you did not need that much. But it seems R$6000 is about right, just to live (savings not included) and taking into account all the other variables that have been mentioned, but don’t usually apply to a foreigner.…[Read more]

  • Hi all,I was an early poster on this topic and have been following with interest. So, to recap, we can conclude the following, based on the comments of the more realistic posters, and not including persons who are posted to Brazil by multinationals.1. You need R$6000+ net to live reasonably well, with no children, assuming you have a middle class…[Read more]

  • Boringdave, You are making a lot of assumptions. Let’s get a few things straightened out. 1.) Some permanent visas are obtained by marriage or having offspring. Some of these work out and some don’t, just like everywhere else. A lot of gringoes are here because they met a person and wanted to stay, many aren’t. The combinations of reasons for…[Read more]

  • Boringdave, Forgot to mention – the investment visa does not apply if you just buy property. You have to invest in or open a registered business, and you have to have a Brazilian partner.

  • Boringdave, If you can prove that you can bring in $2000/month, you will qualify for the retirement visa. You will most likely need all of it, depending on where you choose to live and on your lifestyle. And hey, not all expats here are like Ronnie Biggs!

  • Frank4000, There is one more option which I did not list as it did not apply to Kowloon:Settle in Brazil as a retiree. You don`t actually have to retire, the requirements are that you have to be over 50 and have a proven income of $2000/month, which has to be deposited in a Brazilian bank.

  • Kowloon, here’s some more help: There are only a few ways of getting a permanent visa. I will list the ones that may work for you. Any ONE of these will do it.1.) Marry a Brazilian national (stable relationship)2.) Be the biological father or mother of a child born in Brazil3.) Start a Brazilian Company with an investment of $200,000. You have to…[Read more]

  • Hi Kowloon,Don’t be discouraged or insulted by my and other posts, that was not the intention. I was just trying to show you the reality. Come over and see for yourself. I think the collective reasoning brought the monthly requirement down to about R$3000 (1000 Euro)for a single person with a middle class lifestyle in São Paulo. Who knows, maybe…[Read more]

  • Roshar, thanks for that. Don’t know where I got the idea that Reais should not be capitalised.

  • Steven – Haha right on, they would be working for their father!Roshar – You are so right, I have worked with so many brilliant, talented and well-qualified people here. But these are the lucky ones, who have had the opportunity.Unfortunately not all of them are well paid. There are 2 other things I want to mention in this thread -It seems to me…[Read more]

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