• The rental market has picked up considerably. Just the gap of haves and have nots, and the fact a Home Mortage is an expensive proposition for most working stiffs.

    Expect rental demand to increase and rates to increase in the coming years.

    It is gradually becoming a seller’s market.

  • Landlords are starting to accept a “Titulo de CapitalizaĆ§Ć£o” which is a lesser of evils. Now at least you will have something you can cash out.

    It’s like a Security Bond, just another product concoted by Insurers.

  • The lending ceiling has increased and you are seeing 70% financed.

  • Time is now. Virtually no new inventory coming through the marketplace, as money has become more expensive for developers.

    Folks who wait on the side lines waiting on the Dollar or looking for REO type of inventory are going to be sorely disapointed.

    After three years of hold backs and two years on inventory firesale, prices are due to…[Read more]

  • Martindale Directory.

  • Tony replied to the topic What is "luva"? in the forum Investing in Brazil 1 year, 8 months ago

    Luva, ponto, different words , almost same meaning. Means someone is charging you a transfer fee for you to acquire the trading spot where a supposed thriving business once operated or still does.

    Sometimes the demanding party will do it without even being the property owner. A departing tenant might want sons compensation for all the business…[Read more]

  • there is not a clear cut law of agency in Brazil as you see back in the States.
    In So Paulo , particularly , there is virtually no exclusive listings.
    So a broker’s duty to represent a seller is virtually non existent.

    Higienopolis gets a little murkier. Most properties there are owned by Jews. And these folks gave enough money to fend off…[Read more]

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  • Someone who understands real estate law and practice in São Paulo. Please no Brazilian lawyers. I need someone who has an OAB number and can be available to help in a closing that might eventually take place. You neededn’t be affiliated with a large law firm. Proficiency in the English language, written and spoken, a must. Please pm me.

  • Perdizes , Barra Funda, Sumare, Lapa, Vila Romana, Agua Branca. This area is undergoing a drastic change thanks to government backed infra structure overhaul. Strong Job generation. You can get decent deals through negotiation, though. Brooklin, Berrini, Moema, Vila Nova Conceicao, Indianapolis , Planalto Paulista. These Toni neighborhoods have…[Read more]

  • The poor are getting subsidized. It’s called “Minha Casa Minha Vida”. A government backed loan that subsudizes First time home buyers so they can afford their 45 sq meter 2 bedroom hole in the wall. A glorified slum no less. The middle class is the one being short changed. Yes, all above assessments are fairly accurate. However the time to buy for…[Read more]

  • Deposit works in the U.S. Problem here us that pre moving documentation and audit is non existing Small claims court and a lien again a property should do if landlord refuses to release deposits timely . It is a hassle thought. As a landlord , I know brazilian tenants can be slobs. But I am yet to see a term rental unit with appliances here.

  • Sven and Man if Leisure are correct. Be clear to understand you will not get the insurance money back. It is a sunk cost made to protect property owners on their claim for reinbursemrng against losses. Since the practice of escrow is non existing here, Insurance policy buy might be the only choice, as Brazilian landlords are gullibly opting for…[Read more]

  • Rental process here is way too complicated. They can blame the market for all they wish, but landlords get on the way when it comes to get it rented. Look, I am not saying we have a share of tenants from hell. Nonetheless units without appliances , Bureaucratic rental code, excessive rental insurance. How often do we see here roommates taking up…[Read more]

  • This is a successful thread , by gosh, 151 pages !I am not that all negative about Brazilians. I just don’t take them seriously. Look at the Japanese, Koreans , and now Chinese. They are all succeeding, despite the ods. Work ethic and sticking to your kind works. See the Japanese migrated to Japan in recent years. Most of them came back. They are…[Read more]

  • Yes , R$3.500 reais , lock, stock, and barrel. Furnished. However , these rates vary by neighborhood. If you work on Paulista ( where blue and green lines overlap at V. Mariana and Paraiso ) then your options along the subway might be ( I will deliberately eliminate stops where you don’t need minding )Green Line V. Prudente ( not much a rental…[Read more]

  • 1. Salary in Brazil = slave wages unless you are a highly ranked executive or a hard to get professional. 2. Frequency of payday in Brazil. Government garnishes wages in form of taxes. Pay day usually once a month 3. Cost of living in São Paulo, specially around Paulista is high. Durable goods off the charts. Inflation looms. 4. Rentals. Expect to…[Read more]

  • Economy has been indexed to the Dollar for a long while. Tongue in cheeck. Only the lower class Brazilians have that much faith on the Real. There’s no surprise on those forecasts. Just make sure you move your money out of assets that are tied to term contracts in Real.Negociate all purchases in Cash whenever you canDollar is the king. And have no…[Read more]

  • Tony replied to the topic Getting divorced in the forum Getting Married 7 years, 5 months ago

    There are no contingency lawyering in Brazil. So it’s money upfront. And if you are a bloke with no prospects, a non recourse case,then no attorney will lift a finger to get the chase going. As an observant, and no participant, I have noticed most ( not all ) poor knocked out girls can’t get the ball rolling. They are bark and no bite. The middle…[Read more]

  • I posted to this thread way back, however a recent exchange made me to think things through, and provide some fresh insight into this discussion. So here we go…. I had a woman who wanted to buy an apartment with 90+ sq meters (roughly 1000 sq ft ) on Jd America and paying no more than BR $1,200,00. Knowing the neighborhood I told her it would be…[Read more]

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