• Every time I look at the exchange rate these days I want to cry. The Real is fast becoming a worthless currency. I have a trip to Europe coming up and need to travel to the US in the first half of next year(before May). I am not sure if it is better to buy currency now or wait and hope it improves. I understand that nobody here has a crystal ball,…[Read more]

  • I’m so sorry to hear your story. It must be really hard. However, as already stated, you do have youth on your side. Go and get an education in a good federal university. Try and get scholarship back to the US or Canada , as it’s way easier to get a visa for there. Get as much as you can out of Brazil while you hatch your escape plan and try and…[Read more]

  • [QUOTE=frank4000] Leave it to the french to identify the faults of others[/QUOTE] Actually Brazil could do with importing French people, by the millions. Then there would be better education, public transport, healthcare, food, architecture etc. People would be a little more cultured and perhaps would have some sense of aesthetics in terms of…[Read more]

  • I think a lot of the sites for gringoes get hijacked by Brazilians. They get all defensive when you post anything remotely critical, even if it is constructive. My local foreigners meet-up page is something like 85% Brazilian. All the gringoes that I know in to don’t go to the meet-ups nor the Internations events as it’s only Brazilians trying to…[Read more]

  • Maybe Buzios has a little of the vibe. It does have a few clubs and has a more mediterranean feel about the place and is expensive. However nothing compares to the original.

  • My husband wants to buy a bigger apartment in POA. The prices of property locally they seem insanely high, in fact often higher than Europe for lesser properties, plus the salaries are about half . I am no expert, but looking around at the huge amounts of construction taking place, people buying off the plans is eerie reminder of the buying frenzy…[Read more]

  • Those ‘glamour shots’ are really cheesy looking too, the kind of pictures that appear on the 100 worst photo lists. Lately I’ve seen a lot of mature women doing them. They look totally ridiculous trying to be really youthful – ‘mutton’ and ‘lamb’ are not even good enough describe them 😉

  • I don’t think there is a sisterhood among Brasileiras, hence why even men with young families are on the menu. Not all of them are stupid either. My husband was being pursued by a professor of medicine about a year ago. Some ugly words had to be said to get her to go away. My husband actually got quite upset by it. He knows the one strike and he’s…[Read more]

  • Here in the south the men are treated like kings both by their mothers and girlfriends/wives. There is a ridiculous ratio of single women to men. The women are all like barbie dolls; plastic both on the inside and outside. The competition is fierce. Every man is fair game- married or not. I was really shocked at how much my husband changed after…[Read more]

  • Mkamerling replied to the topic Career advice in the forum Finding Work 8 years, 11 months ago

    So even entry level jobs are out of the question? I am already running a business and am pretty good at it. However the bureaucracy and tax laws where I’m from are transparent and easy to follow. I wouldn’t know where to start here. It seems very complicated, even to set up a basic business.

  • Mkamerling replied to the topic Career advice in the forum Finding Work 8 years, 11 months ago

    I have ten years experience working all around the world, but I have been applying for roles that are one up from entry level, the type of roles that I could do in my sleep. Am I being too ambitious?NICB2013-03-12 12:49:32

  • Mkamerling replied to the topic Career advice in the forum Finding Work 8 years, 11 months ago

    I have been trying to get a professional job in Brazil for almost two years now. My Portuguese is not perfect but OK at this stage. I’ve have mainly been targeting multinationals (IT) for Project Manager roles where the jobs would be international rather than local, so English would be the working language.I have loads of experience with big brand…[Read more]

  • Menina- you got burned by a serial cheater. Where I come from cheating happens, like everywhere, but is not socially acceptable. I think the point is that in Brazil it is, and many Brazilian women don’t mind hooking up with sloppy seconds. 99.9% Gringas that I know wouldn’t even entertain the idea. Who wants to be second best.

  • I’m Irish, married to a Brazilian guy and now live in Brazil. I know it’s easy to get swept away by their latin charm. Take it really slowly with him.My husband is sweet and good to me,though easily drinks as much as an Irish guy. All was fine when we lived outside Brazil for years. Since we moved here it’s been really tough. Not only because…[Read more]

  • I travel abroad quite a bit. I still don’t have my residency card, just that white piece of paper protocol thing. Every time I go through immigration, I get held up. They have to call their superviser to validate the protocol etc. You’d think that they would at least recognise their own material. NICB2012-07-30 07:45:22

  • I was getting R$19 until I went out on my own, but lots of teachers I know are earning far less. Even at private lesson rates it’s hard to get past the R$3k mark here in POA,unless you are really established and/or do groups.

  • R$3800 – 4200 mark, each – teaching English in Wizard in Sao Leopoldo. Are you for real? Wizard pays something like R$12 per hour here in POA. You are going to have to work like a slave to earn anything close to that. You also have to factor in prep and correction time. Teaching English is almost like being a personal trainer. It’s a constant…[Read more]

  • I know loads of uneducated Brazilians who spent a year or so in Australia that are now teaching English. Their English is not great, but they are still getting work.

  • I’ve tried but I am over trying to set up something here in Brazil, far too much hassle and too many stupid people to deal with.What about registering a company from my country of origin? For years I’ve had a small income generating hobby. I put it through my fathers business. Recently I’ve been spending more time at it and it’s grown too big to…[Read more]

  • Actually I’ve had all the same students since I arrived here so I don’t think I’m a bad teacher. Also their English is really improving. However getting privates is hard and slow since I mainly work in a school. I do try to drop into the conversation that I do privates on the side but I have to be careful. The cancellations are also a big problem.…[Read more]

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