• I installed LED lights in parts of our shop. Resulted in a 20% reduction in consumption. So overall, with recent rate increases, our bill is about flat compared to a year ago. Still expecting an additional 15-20% increase in the coming 3 months.

  • [QUOTE=andrew_nofro][I guess the point I’m trying to make is WHY have a business where you are taking in 100.000/month but 99.000 is going out the door??? I see a lot of that happening around here.[/QUOTE]Yes, many of these businesses who actually have decent sales run on incredibly tight cash flows. Every small “imprevisto” has the potential to…[Read more]

  • [QUOTE=andrew_nofro]One thing I forgot to mention that is really bothersome: reciss√ɬµes. If I were that bakery owner, I would probably have already comitted suicide. Employee decides he wants to move to another city. The owner has to come up with R$100 – R$800 reais. With 15 employees, there is going to be a lot of turnover. That’s going to kill…[Read more]

  • While I agree that there is some abusive pricing going on here and there mostly due to lack of competition, cartel-like arrangements or just plain greed and ignorance, generally speaking the operating margins (not to be confused with profit margins) have to be high; you’ve got no choice but to pass on the business’ costs and expenses to your…[Read more]

  • [QUOTE=andrew_nofro]Take something like a lanchonette, for example.Rent – R$ 3.0002 employees – R$ 2800 (with encargos, likely more)√ɬ°gua – R$ 100 (or more)luz – R$ 100 (or more)material de limpeza – R$ 100 (likely more)aluguel da m√ɬ°quina de cartão – R$ 50 (likely more)conta banc√ɬ°ria – R$ 35 (likely more)telefone – R$ 35 (likely more)[…[Read more]

  • Classic price movements. USD/BRL rejected twice at 2,50 in the last couple of sessions. But the retracements are shorter each time. Chances are that it will shoot through 2,50 on the third try, accelerate a bit as shorts give up, then come around to find support at what was previously resistance, and then head for new highs.If it cant hold 2,50 as…[Read more]

  • Luca replied to the topic Naturalization in the forum Off Topic 7 years, 5 months ago

    On a related note, I thought it was interesting to read the proposal for a new Estatuto do Estrangeiro, which finally seems to be close to becoming a reality. It is posted on things I took away:1) they prefer to use the words “migrante” instead of “estrangeiro” because estrangeiro can have a negativa connotation (it really says so!)…[Read more]

  • Luca replied to the topic Naturalization in the forum Off Topic 7 years, 5 months ago

    I am in the process of planning my application. I will need two (and maybe three) foreign criminal background checks. This is because my “pa√ɬ≠s de origem” is different than my “pa√ɬ≠s de proced√ɬ™ncia.” I also lived in a third country for many years and eventhough they technically only ask for reports from countries of “origem e proced√…[Read more]

  • I believe that the deeper idea behind keeping the initial value of assets is that Receita wants to be able to charge you capital gains tax on a larger amount when and if you sell the assets.

  • [QUOTE=miguel][QUOTE=tbird]what about cold cash stashed away in the mattress. My friend has 1000 euros in cash that he is going to declare. But why not just declare that he has 10,000 euros? Is there any conceivable scenario in which Receita would ever verify this?[/QUOTE]If your friend is going down this route, then why does he stop at 10,000…[Read more]

  • [QUOTE=agri2001][QUOTE=riokid42]I am a permanent resident of Brazil. My story is, my account called and said my CNPJ for my LTDA was ready and that I needed to come sign a or some documents. My wife who is Brazilian was set as the administrator in my contract social. I had a change of heart and I do not want her in my business period. My questions…[Read more]

  • You need to change the company charter (contrato social). But your wife needs to agree. Her signature is needed. The accountant will charge a fee for this service. You cannot be the sole proprietor of a partnership. So you need to find someone else that you trust to put in the contract. Or you can put your wife in the contract as a non-executive…[Read more]

  • [QUOTE=WilliButz]Haha, well, if RFB wants to see the cash, he can say that he invested the cash in beer… guess RFB will not ask for the notas LOL[/QUOTE]Exactly. He had 10000 on 31/12/2013 which he may or may not still have depending on who is asking. Wink

  • [QUOTE=miguel] As for declaring more, that is AYOR and GF’s and every other seasoned accountant asks for those print-outs, for very good reason.[/QUOTE]Miguel, what about cold cash stashed away in the mattress. My friend has 1000 euros in cash that he is going to declare. But why not just declare that he has 10,000 euros? Is there any conceivable…[Read more]

  • @WilliButz he mumbled something about not knowing how to declare the dividends. He is really embarassed with how poor an investment decision he made. At the time, he was convinced that Lula and Co. would not let Petrobras depreciate by 2/3 because millions of Brazilian workers had used their FGTS to invest in Petrobras and Vale. Clown

  • Helpful discussion here. One thing is clear: the first IRPF is veryimportant. And our one-legged Finnish friend has only a couple of days to decide on what to do.Oh, he also mentioned that he has a couple of hundred of Petrobr√ɬ°s ADR shares with a US brokerage firm. He said that he wasn’t planning on declaring them. Not sure if this is beca…[Read more]

  • [QUOTE=picolino](“asking for a friend of a friend who is seeking source material for a fiction novel he may or may not be writing”).[/QUOTE]I think we may be talking about the same person! Is he a one-legged Finnish guy who lives in Bahia?

  • I know that I am probably worrying waaaay to much about these things.Now, let us speculate for a moment shall we. Declaring false information is illegal and none of us would do that. But but…what if somone on their first tax return declared the existence of foreign bank accounts with a balance HIGHER than the actual balance. Say, you have 10,000…[Read more]

  • Thank you, WilliButz. Thumbs Up

  • Are you here on some sort of scientific/research related visa? That MAY mean that different rules apply to you. I dont think so, though. In principle, if you came on a work visa then you have v√ɬ≠nculo empregat√ɬ≠cio and then the company really should have signed your work book right at the beginning.As far as I know there are only two types o…[Read more]

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