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  • GBF, those companies don’t account for much in terms of dollar transactions. It’s people who are buying up LCD screens made in japan, or imported cars or other expensive items. What is really sad is that this is going to create even greater inequality. The poor will see generally larger inflation numbers, but as someone said here before, they saw…[Read more]

  • I don’t know how others feel about the costs of Brazilian made goods versus imports, but to me, it’s looking like Brazilian made goods are becoming very competitive versus buying and bringing back into the country. As imports slow down, the currency should stabilize.

  • It wasn’t 8-9 cents less, it was % less, and today it’s 15 cents because it’s a % less. In fact, you’re probably getting a better deal today, 15 cents on 3.75 is better than 8 cents on 1.60

  • In the last 3 months, USDCAD lost 5.8%, while the USDBRL lost 20.36%When oil crumbled, USDCAD and USDBRL were pretty much following similar losses, this is all Brazils doing from here on out I believe…

  • What is really impressive is how strongly it has been moving upwards, there really hasn’t been any pull back each day, it’s just a 1-2% loss per day, with basically a straight line!

  • We could probably free up space by deleting our PM’s 🙂 One liners work, because there are very small holes in his database where misc items get deleted and that get reused by one liners, but larger messages need new space, which he is out of.

  • A reserve currency needs something very important. Debt.What country would you trust, where the government holds the debt? If a country is broken down into 2 parties, me and you. And then a 3rd person wants to hold our currency, there is one thing that must happen. Debt.If I sell you a $5 gizmo. I have $5, and you have $5 debt.For you to get out…[Read more]

  • Comparing 2002’s Real to today’s Real value isn’t really fair at all.You need to really put in inflation in there. What did your Rio apartment cost in 2002, versus today? How about the apartments in the US compared with today?The 5:1 back in 2002 would probably be like 12:1 or 20:1 today! There is PLENTY of potential for things to get much worse…[Read more]

  • It’s not the time to buy with cash. The time to buy with cash is when 100% of financing dries up. When everyone tells you real estate is the worst place to be, that it’s too scary to buy right now…THAT is the time to buy. When everyone is scared, even the sellers. That is when you can get the best deals, right now, you’re catching a falling knife.

  • I think that article is fishing for some investors. They’re name dropping to drum up interest in that article, I’m not sure which one is looking for the investors, but these guys aren’t going to catch a falling knife. You don’t invest on the way down, you wait until the dust settles, which could be significant since there is also political dust…[Read more]

  • @File, the US manufactures and produces a lot of goods. They have a huge economy based off that. Plenty of strength there. The debt while huge, is still a fairly small amount and still easily repaid. There is currently no will to raise taxes to close that gap and pay back anything though. The NYT’s had a good piece on it years ago. Basically “how…[Read more]

  • Your assuming this is Brazils doing, that it went from 2.40 to 3.30 because of Brazil, but it’s not. It’s because of the US. US went up against the EUR and other oil producing countries like Canada. They aren’t coming back down and ‘testing’ anything. Had this been an economic issue in Brazil, that migth make sense as to the sentiment of the…[Read more]

  • This is a huge screwing of anyone who invested in property with the idea of speculating on it’s prices, or even buying more than they could afford because they could always sell it later.Now they’re stuck with it, and whatever comes next they have to ride it through.1/3rd is something you might see a mild bust cycle in the US! We’ve already seen…[Read more]

  • I just talked with my real estate friends and they mentioned that caixa is now only lending up to 50% for loans, but new construction still gets the 80%! Basically a big hand out to new construction!Caixa has also gone from 35% of mortgages in 2010 to 55% in 2014, which is a huge jump. So far more loans are being handled by Caixa. Right now it’s…[Read more]

  • Import costs to the US are nothing compared with corruption, and mafia getting involved and lost trucks on the way up to the border. Once people realize there is a steady stream of expensive imports going up that way, they’ll find a way to profit off of it. Do you think Brazilians are pocketing that money they aren’t spending on exports right now?…[Read more]

  • I used current gas prices in both Brazil, US and Canada, which used the new lower prices. What really should have happened is gas should have been about R$6+ during the last 5 years and it wasn’t. It was sold under market.The US dumps a huge amount of money from other taxes into maintaining their road systems and they have some major economies of…[Read more]

  • Should we price gold the same way? Depending on average earnings it should be a lot cheaper here, than say in the US?It’s a commodity, the lowest price you’re going to get it is in the US. That is the base price.Gas consume a tremendous amount of resources, road building, road maintenance, police, hospital care for those injured 7/10 are from…[Read more]

  • We’re paying far too little for gas here, we should probably be paying a good 20% more at least! Dilma has been keeping gas prices artifically low for years.$3.19 per gallon = R$2.73 per litre here. In Vancouver, Canada they’re paying $3.71 US per gallon, or R$3.18 per litre here. They are a major exporter of oil as well.Compared with prices…[Read more]

  • I am guessing they figure this is a flight of capital, and if they simply pull it back hard, it will stabilize as people become confident this is where it will stay.Or they have pulled it back hard to ensure end of month transactions with businesses aren’t going to be as painful, when they need to pay off loans, creditors and others.It has been…[Read more]

  • Hurry and do it fast, people are really confused right now and haven’t read this news! Euro is down 1.5% and Real 1.8%, they must not have heard this news! Fast!

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