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    I will be back in Brasil for a few weeks and want to go through the process of converting bitcoin to Reais. In the previous forum I recall some members going through the process. Picolino in particular. If anyone with experience in this, is reading this new forum, will you share information on the process?

    I am currently using Localbitcoins.xxx…[Read more]

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  • [QUOTE=3casas](when we were in the US recently my family kept saying ‘but you spend so much time cooking’. well, yeah, i kind of like to eat, and i mostly prefer to eat food, not crap. they didn’t really see the connection.)[/QUOTE]While I was living in Brasil, that was one of the biggest surprises to me – the time spent preparing meals. It…[Read more]

  • Since this thread was started just over a year ago I wanted to refresh my memory on what some of the thoughts/hopes were for the future exchange rates. On the USD side, rather than going up to the 2+:1 ratio it’s still floating close to the 52 week low at 1.6..:1. Here hoping for a better exchange rate at some point this year.

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    Thanks for sharing toolio! I am going to look into the PlayOn server. I have a PS3 as well (though I only use it as a Blue Ray player). I am just trying to educate myself on what the various option are for these forms of entertainment. Lately I have been watching a lot of tv on my iphone (most of the WC games). So I am trying to figure out how I…[Read more]

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    [QUOTE=toolio]…You might be able to get american football through a paid service or through Internet broadcast in the U.S. Hidemyass VPN is reasonably priced and works well so far. Witopia is another, but lately has been choking on Hulu,[/QUOTE]I just came across this post while searching for board postings about the “slingbox.” Thanks for the…[Read more]

  • Is there much of a demand for “netbooks” as opposed to notebooks and laptops, in Brasil?

  • [QUOTE=Esprit]The dollar is an international joke yet still regarded as a safe haven. [/QUOTE]As an American, the debt and sometimes perceived danger thedollar is in can be quiet alarming and leave me to feel unsettled about whatthe future might hold. All good things (or bad things I guess depending on onesview) do come to an end eventually. So it…[Read more]

  • I have been anxiously watching the currency market for sometime now as well. It seems like every June when I go to Brasil, I find my $ at a low. I am not sure if it is just dumb luck or there is something about that time of the year. With the news today of possible new debts troubles in Europe, I thought the US $ would be up against the Real…($…[Read more]