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    [QUOTE=Grads]without swimming at the local Rio beaches, may you still enjoy and take away some memories of the mystic…and there is a lot more mystic there now than at any time. something’s always happening.[/QUOTE]

    We’ve been before, honestly the thing I had most been looking forward to was letting my daughter play in the ocean a bit. The mystic will be lost on her lol
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    We may just stroll down to the beach and have a glance. Bus trip is out of the question, we have a wedding Sat night and fly out Sunday afternoon.

    The hotel pool sounds like the best bet.
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    Suddenly our hotel spot in Copa with an ocean view doesn’t sound so appealing…hopefully the stench won’t reach our room.

    Praia Vermelha is an option, But we will have a fairly packed schedule. How bad is it down there really? Is it media hype or are there floating turds everywhere or something more in the middle?
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    I had been really looking forward to taking my daughter for her first swim in the ocean, however with all of the news about the dirty water there I think we’ll stick to the pool. yikes!

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    oh dear….hate to hear that

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    I missed the part about espirit’s wife….what happened?

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    [QUOTE=Steven][QUOTE=Bourne]Abbot, I really don’t want to give you attention on this forum, my mind is already set about you, I have plenty of reason to believe you are incapable of being civil and courteous with me on this forum. From comments about my young age, my lack of experience, my lack of knowledge to talk about certain topics, my sexuality, I have enough reason not to engage you on this forum. I may not be as old as some people on this forum, but that does not give you permission to discount my young age as a disqualifier from speaking about certain topics here. You don’t just treat young people like little juniors whose opinions you can easily brush aside because they happen to come out of a young person’s mouth. That’s the height of arrogance, and it’s infuriating. (That goes for not only you, but a couple other older members on this forum, who I’m not going to name, but they range from around 40-70 years in age) I’ve also been treated courteously by other older members on here. Which makes me think some people, including you, don’t like the fact that a younger person can have a valid opinion, you feel the need to assert your dominance as an older person, because somehow you feel threatened that maybe someone younger can have the intelligence to speak their minds and be accurate when it comes to certain topics. I often feel like I’m in a lion’s den here. I shouldn’t have to constantly defend myself. This is not a parliamentary body. I feel like that because I’m often attacked on here and it’s not paranoia on my part. I shouldn’t have to defend myself because I shouldn’t be attacked in the first place! Jeez. Do me a favor Abbot, please leave me alone.

    Grantham’s back for a couple of days on the Forum and he is already revving up his engines.


    1. Welcome back
    2. If you don’t want to give any attention just ignore him. (I don’t having anything against Abbott, but if there is someone I don’t like or wish to engage with I ignore them.
    3. Gay marriage…good job USA
    4. Confed Flag coming down….good job
    5. But both these things have done nothing to deal with the hate that is in people’s hearts which is the real problem.
    over and out
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    [QUOTE=Zippo][QUOTE=Gandhi]I know you. But this site is now failing. There are too many trolls, sock puppets and email marketing junk. I wish you would remedy this, as this site has and could continue to be a great resource to people wanting to learn about Brasil. [/QUOTE]

    Good point, however you overlooked mentioning the house bully who has a bad habit of harassing new members, not to mention the forum moron’s negative posts, as reasons for the forum’s failing. Clearly this is why most decent folk have departed as the socks were entertaining and the junk can be ignored.
    It’s not surprising the forum’s in decline with this type of behavior. Incidentally, both the above have been previously banned from the forum but have returned to carry on with their antisocial antics, obviously with full impunity.


    and what of you dear Zippo? Why do you come here? It’s as if you magically appear any time someone questions one of the new troll incarnations. You rarely appear other times. What’s your story?
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    oh using my real name? what a surprise…the troll has returned

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    I i’ve got the flask ready to go…but as the 14mto will be with us the first part of the day drinking will be limited. Wife has family in Rio so we’ll have a place to unwind between events. But seriously, even in the states I’ve not been to a wedding spread out like this.

    Would a blazer and slacks be acceptable in the morning and a suit at night or vice-versa? I’d prefer shorts as I assume it will be quite hot but that’s out of the question. Might have to see if I can find a seersucker suit
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    Going to a wedding in Rio in August. Ceremony is at 10am the reception is at 9pm. Any thoughts on what the normal rules for attire would be? Suit in the morning of course….but suit at night as well?

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    So, awhile back I opened an MEI. The cap on what I can bill out on NFs is 5k per month. As I have been bringing in more than that I will now need to register as a Pessoa Juridica. My bank (Santander) called me today letting me know that I need to sign some docs letting the US Govt have info to my banking here.

    couple of questions:
    1. Will joint assets be taxed? (ie my wife’s salary which gets deposited in the same joint account? And also our APT?
    2. Will I need to pay taxes on income earned through my company here? (I assume yes) That said, if the company is in my wife’s name would I still need to pay taxes?
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    Traveling to Brazil

    1 – What can a Traveler bring from abroad without paying Customs Duties?

    The baggage carried by the traveler identified by the baggage ticket supplied by the carrier during the check in procedures and which consists of:

    • Clothes and other clothing items, hygiene items, makeup and footwear for own use, in quantity and quality compatible with the duration and the purpose of his/her permanence in Brazil;

    • Books and newspapers;

    • Other items whose overall values do not exceed the quota of exemption, which is currently in the amount of five hundred US dollars (air or maritime travel) or three hundred US dollars (land travel, river or lake crossing), or the equivalent in another foreign currency;

    • Other personal or professional used items, when clearly kept abroad for a period of time longer than a year.

    Notice: The baggage sent by mail or shipped as general cargo, even if in the same vehicle used by the traveler, is subject to the payment of customs duties and does not have the right of exemption quota. The traveler is only excused from payment of customs duties in the case of clothes, used personal items, books, handbills and newspapers.

    2- Duty-free Shopping

    The payment of customs duties is not required in case of goods purchased at duty-free shop facilities, when, cumulatively:

    • Their gross value is not more than five hundred US dollars;
    • They were purchased at a duty free shop located at the airport where the luggage will be examined by the Brazilian Customs upon arrival;
    • Their quantities will be limited as specified in the case of the following goods:
      1. 24 units of alcoholic beverages (liquor), observed the maximum of 12 units per type of beverage.
      2. 20 foreign made cigarette packs.
      3. 25 units of cigars or similar products.
      4. 250g of pipe tobacco.
      5. 10 units of makeup items.
      6. 3 units of watches, toys, games, electric or electronic equipment

      Notice: Goods bought at duty free shop facilities, located abroad or in any other Brazilian airport in Brazil different than the airport of arrival will be inspected by the Brazilian Customs Authority and will not be exempt of the customs duties payment.

      3 – Taxation

      The value exceeding the exemption quota will be subject to customs duties, calculated at a 50% rate. The goods’ value to be considered by the Customs Authority will be the one stated in the invoice or receipt of purchase. In case of absence or inaccuracy of these documents, the value will be calculated and established by the Customs Authority.

      4 – What goods cannot be brought from abroad as baggage/personal items?

      • Goods for reselling purposes or to industrial use;
      • Cars, motorcycles, scooters, bicycles with engines, trailers and other motor vehicles;
      • Aircrafts;
      • Vessels of any kind, watercrafts and boat engines.

      5 – Payment of Customs Duties

      The payment of customs duties precedes the property release and will be done by means of the Documento de Arrecada√ßão Federal – DARFform, in any Brazilian bank, including (when available) ATM type machines.

      In locations where the banking system does not offer conditions of payment upon arrival, the taxable items will be retained by the Customs Authority, by means of Property Retention and Guard Form (Termo de Reten√ßão e Guarda dos Bens) that will be filed out by the customs officers in charge of the customs procedures and a copy of this document will be given to the traveler.

      The Property Retention and Guard Form contains information regarding the traveler and the property retained.

      The property release will occur after the presentation by the traveler of his/her copy of the Retention and Guard of the Property Form and theDocumento de Arrecada√ßão Federal ‚Äì DARFwhich is the document that proofs that the customs duties have being paid.

      6 – Which goods are prohibited to be brought to Brazil from abroad?

      • Cigarettes and liquor made in Brazil and destined for sale exclusively abroad;
      • Alcoholic beverages, tobacco, cigarettes and similar products when brought by a traveler aged less than eighteen years old;
      • Controlled substances, narcotics or drugs;
      • Hidden items with the intention to avoid inspection.

      Notice: To those items listed above the penalty seizure is applicable. Therefore, they will be apprehended by the Customs Authority and the traveler will be subject to prosecution.

      7 – The right to apply to the exemption quota

      Each traveler is only allowed to apply for an exemption quota one time every 30 days. The right to the exemption quota is personal and non transferable, not being admitted the addition or transference of quotas among different travelers, even if members of the same family.

      8 – Military personal and foreign diplomats

      Notice: The instructions contained in this handbill do not apply to the baggage of military personal (transported in military vehicle, aircraft or ship) and of crew members, when in journey of business or service, and to the luggage of foreign diplomats and similar personnel.

      9 – Inspection of the Accompanied baggage

      • All travelers arriving from abroad, upon arrival in Brazil, should present to the Customs Authority the Statement of Accompanied Baggage Form (Declara√ßão de Bagagem Acompanhada ‚Äì DBA);
      • This statement is individual;
      • This form will be supplied by the carrier, travel agency or can be obtained in the Customs Offices during customs procedures;
      • The goods purchased at the duty free shop located at the airport where the baggage will be inspected by Customs should not be discriminated in the DBA.

      10 – Goods to be declared

      The traveler should direct himself to the places indicated as “Goods to Declare” when bringing:

      • Goods purchased abroad with gross total value exceeding the exemption quota in order to allow de calculus of the customs duties due;
      • Goods described in this handbill, under the title “GOODS THAT CANNOT BE BROUGHT FROM ABROAD AS LUGGAGE ITEMS”, for these goods have their own norms and clearance procedures;
      • Cash, traveler‚Äôs checks when totaling more than ten thousand Reais or the equivalent in another foreign currency, in order to fill out the appropriated form. There is no limit and no customs duty to the amount of cash to be brought to Brazil as long it is declared to Customs upon arrival;
      • Pets, plants, seeds, food, prescription drugs, fire arms, weapons and munitions. These items will be retained and only liberated after inspection by the competent agency;
      • Passengers carrying prescription drugsshould arrive with a valid prescription issued by a physician and a receipt of purchase issued by the drugstore;
      • Items that will remain temporarily in Brazil, whose unit value are over three thousand Reais or the equivalent in a foreign currency, when the traveler is a foreign citizen;
      • Items whose regular entrance in Brazil the traveler whishes to register

      Notice 1: In order to use a cell phone in Brazil that was purchased abroad, the traveler must register it upon his entrance in Brazil. Even if a cell phone is included in the exemption quota its identification and inspection must be done by the customs officers.

      11 – Plants and Pets

      Plants and pets (dogs, cats, and birds) may enter Brazil only upon presentation of the following documents, duly authenticated by the Consular Service:

      1. Phitosanitary certificate (for plants) issued by the competent local authority;
      2. Sanitary certificate (for pets) issued by a veterinary and duly stamped by US Department of Agriculture (USDA) or equivalent agency in any other country, dated within one week prior to pets’ departure;
      3. Rabies vaccination, as applicable.

      Sanitary and phitosanitary certificates must also certify that, up to 40 days prior to boarding, no contagious disease had been detected in the place of origin. Admittance of animals other than dogs, cats and pet birds require prior approval by the Brazilian Ministry of Agriculture.

      12 – Minors

      Minors, accompanied or not, also the have right to apply to the exemption quotas and, when aged less than eighteen years old, will not be able to bring alcoholic beverages, tobacco, cigarettes and similar products.

      In case of accompanied minors aged of less than sixteen years old the DBA will be made by the adult. When unaccompanied, the minor is excused of the DBA presentation, without damage to the regular customs procedures.

      13 – Penalties

      When the traveler presents a false or inaccurate DBA, fines of 50% will be applicable over the value exciding the exemption quota.

      Notice: Choosing the sector “Nothing to Declare” when the traveler is carrying items subject to taxation will be considered equal to the presentation of a false DBA.

      14 – Strayed and lost Baggage

      In case of strayed baggage, the traveler should, upon arrival, request to the carrier that the occurrence be recorded and also contact the Customs Authority in order to register the fact and assure the right to the exemption quota.

      15- Temporary admissions

      The temporary admission regime allows for traveler’s baggage (goods for personal or professional use, including motor vehicles, filming cameras, notebooks and similar equipment, sports equipment) to enter Brazil for a specified period and with no duties (suspended taxation), provided these items are not to be sold or industrially processed in Brazil. Unaccompanied luggage must be covered by a cargo bill.

      Customs clearance is done at the port of entrance, requiring a declaration (“Termo de Responsabilidade“) signed by the traveler (complete identification must be provided: full name, passport number, address, profession and travel itinerary in Brazil), by which he/she will take responsibility for removing the goods from Brazil, once he/she leaves the country.

      An itemized list of the goods (complete description, including as applicable, motor number, make, year, model, serial number and manufacturer; quantity; value for customs purposes in US$ dollars) is required when applying for the temporary admission regime. If not in Portuguese, customs authorities may require to have the list translated into Portuguese by a Public Translator (“Tradutor Juramentado“).

      The traveler must offer proof of his/her status as a resident of a foreign country (the document may be authenticated by the Consular Service) and of ownership of the goods.

      When entering in Brazil by land coming from other South American bordering countries, the traveler must direct himself to the nearest Customs Authority Office (Secretaria da Receita Federal do Brasil) in order to register his vehicle as a Temporary Admission Item avoiding future delays during inspections made by law enforcement agencies such as the Federal Highway Patrol or the State Police. The Brazilian Customs regulation considers automatically submitted to this regime vehicles owned by non resident foreign travelers when on transit exclusively in the border area.

      The temporary admission regime can also be submitted (with full suspension of customs duties goods) with the following destination:

      • Fairs, exhibitions, congresses and other scientific or technical events;
      • Research or scientific expedition, once related to projects previously authorized by the Conselho Nacional de Ci√™ncia e Tecnologia;
      • Shows, exhibitions and other artistic or cultural events;
      • Sport competition or exhibition;
      • Fairs and exhibitions (commercial or industrial);
      • Commercial promotion, including samples with no commercial destination and commercial showcases of sales representatives;
      • to the installment, by a foreign technician of technical assistance related to imported goods, due to warranty clause;
      • The replacement and repair of:
        1. Vessels, aircraft and other foreign vehicles stationed in the national territory, on transit or in temporary admission regime;
        2. Other foreign property, submitted to the temporary admission regime;
      • Temporary replacement of imported property, due to warranty;
      • Its own modification, assembling, renovation, refurbishing, packaging or repackaging;
      • Packaging or handling of other imported goods, once reusable;
      • Identification, packaging or handling of other goods, destined to be exported;
      • Phonograms and audiovisual work reproduction, imported as trial print from a photographic negative (proof);
      • Temporary activities related to farming, including live stock for fairs or exhibitions, herding, work, reproduction and veterinary health care;
      • Aid and rescue in emergency situations or accidents caused by damage or which threatens to damage the community or the environment;
      • Temporary activity of a professional with no permanent resident status;
      • To be used by the immigrant who has not yet obtained the permanent visa;
      • To be used by a non resident traveler, once part of his baggage;
      • To be used on spacecraft launching services, system integration and testing, subsystems and space components, previously authorized by the Brazilian Space Agency ( Ag√™ncia Espacial Brasileira); and
      • Maintenance service and foreign property repair, having as contractor a company established abroad.

      Notice 1: When applying for the Temporary Admission Regime and before departure it would be recommended that the foreign company contact the Brazilian hosting company or institution in order to send all the necessary information as stated above including the date of arrival, carrier name and flight number. The Brazilian hosting company should then contact the Brazilian Custom Sector at the Port or Airport of arrival in order to expedite in advance the Customs Procedures before the arrival of the merchandise or equipment. The same procedure should also be taken by participants of fairs, exhibitions and expeditions.

      Notice 2: When the goods imported as Temporary Admission items arrive in Brazil as part of the traveler’s baggage, it is recommended that the traveler have on his/her possession a letter stating his/her position in the company, the purpose of the visit and a pro-forma invoice of the merchandise or equipment.

      Notice 3: When leaving the Brazilian territory, the goods entered as a Temporary Admission items should, before checking-in, be presented to the Brazilian customs office located at the port of departure in order to register this fact in the RFB’S control system.

      Postal Imports

      Import of goods using Mail, International Express Mail, including goods purchased using the Internet ‚Äì Simplified Taxation Regime/RTS (Regime de Tributa√ßão Simplificada)

      I – This Regime applies to:

        • Goods imported by mail, Air Carrier or Courier Companies, including goods purchased using the internet.
        • This Customs Regime also applies to gifts received from abroad.
        • This Customs Regime does not apply to imported goods such as alcoholic beverages (liquor), tobacco and tobacco related products.

        II – Maximum value of the goods to be imported:

        Maximum amount of the good to be imported through this regime is US$ 3.000,00 (three thousand US dollars)

        III – Taxation Rate:

        The taxation rate is 60% (sixty per cent) over the price stated on the commercial invoice added of the transport and insurance costs if they were not included on the merchandise total price. In the case of the goods imported using the services of international express companies (Courier), it will be added a 18% State VAT (ICMS);

        Notice: In the case of gifts, the taxable price will be the one declared by the sender as long as compatible with similar goods available on the market;

        IV – Software import taxation

        Software media are taxed on a 60% rate only if the media value is separately discriminated in the invoice.


        If the media value is not discriminate in the invoice the taxation will be imposed on the total value of the merchandise.

        V– Exemptions

        • Goods with total value of up to US$ 50,00 (Fifty US Dollar) are not taxed, considering that both participants on the transaction, sender and beneficiary are individuals;
        • Prescription drugs sent to individuals. During Customs clearance procedures the Ministry of Health will enforce the presentation of a valid prescription.
        • Books and newspapers are not taxable (art. 150, VI, “d”, of the Federal Constitution).

        VI – Tax Payment

        In the case of import using mail services, considering goods with total value up to US$ 500.00, the tax will be paid by the beneficiary when retrieving the merchandise in the Post Office without any Customs formality.

        When the value of the goods received exceeds US$ 500.00, the beneficiary will have to present the Simplified Import Declaration ‚Äî Declara√ßão Simplificada de Importa√ßão (DSI).

        When using international express companies, with door to door services (courier), the Tax will be collected by the courier company directly to the Secretariat of the Federal Revenue of Brazil – RFB. Therefore, when the beneficiary receives the international express order the tax charged will be included in the total amount due.

        Moving to Brazil

        I – In case of travelers that lived abroad for more than one year and are returning to live permanently in Brazil

        After living abroad for a period of one year or more, which can be verified by passport, college degree, Deed of Lease, energy bill, bank current account, labor contract, etc there will be no customs duties charged on the following imported goods:

        • New and used goods brought as unaccompanied luggage:

        a) Clothes, hygiene, makeup and footwear items in quantity compatible with the period of the permanence abroad.

        b) Furniture and other home and domestic items.

        c) Tools, machines, devices and instruments needed on studies or to perform a profession.

        d) Artistic, intellectual and other works produced by the traveler.

        • New, in the limit of five hundred US dollars (air or maritime travel) or one hundred and fifty US dollars (land, lake or river border crossing), or the equivalent in another foreign currency when brought as accompanied luggage. In this quota are included foreign made cigarettes, beverages and electronics;
        • Books, newspaper and magazines (printed on paper), new or used are not taxable.

        Notice: Upon traveler’s request the Consular Service may issue a Statement of Residence in a Foreign Country (Atestado de Residência)

        II – Minors

        • Minors, accompanied or not, also have right to apply to the exemption quotas and, when aged less than eighteen years old, will not be able to bring alcoholic beverages, tobacco, cigarettes and similar products.
        • In case of accompanied minors aged of less than sixteen years old the DBA will be made by the adult. When unaccompanied, the minor is excused of the DBA presentation, without damage to the regular customs procedures.

        III – In the case of unaccompanied baggage the customs proceedings are as follows:

        • The baggage must arrive in Brazil within three months before the passenger arrival or no later than six months after the traveler‚Äôs arrival.
        • The date of arrival will be verified by the presentation of the travel ticket or passport.
        • Customs clearance proceedings:
            1. Will only be started after the traveler’s arrival is verified;
            2. Must be initiated within 90 days from the arrival of the cargo;
            3. Will be processed based on the Declara√ßão Simplificada de Importa√ßão form – DSI

          In regards to preparing the cargo to shipment and filling out the DSI form, it is strongly recommended distributing the cargo in numbered boxes in order facilitate the Customs inspection in Brazil. Usually, a list of all cargo contents is required for insurance purposes. A copy of this list should be kept by the passenger for the purpose of customs clearance in Brazil.

          Basically, the traveler will need the following documents to clear customs regarding unaccompanied baggage:

          • A certified copy of his passport. All pages including the ones in Blanc.
          • A certified copy of the air ticket.
          • A list discriminating all goods included in the cargo
          • A document proving that he lived abroad for more than a year.

          IV – Motor vehicles and vessels

          The Brazilian customs regulation does not allow the import of used motor vehicles and vessels. New vehicles are not exempt and will be taxed in full.


          I – Requirements for Custom Duties Exemption

          Before the items to be donated are shipped to Brazil the following procedures must take place:

          1. Importation Licensing

          The importation of donated goods is subject to the Non Automatic Importation License ‚Äì LI (Licen√ßa de Importa√ßão Não-Automática) and it has to be registered in the Foreign Trade Integrated System ‚Äì SISCOMEX (Sistema Integrado de Com√©rcio Exterior).

          2. Used Goods

          As long as the legal requirements are met it might be authorized the importation of used goods as donations when directly made by (the Union; States; Federal District; Municipalities; entities of public nature; educational, scientific and technological institutions and non-profit institutions or organizations) to fulfill exclusively their needs, without payment or commercial purposes.

          3. Pro Forma Invoice

          Immediately after the registration of the Non Automatic Importation License within the SISCOMEX the importing party must file the pro forma invoice with the Departamento de Operações de Comércio Exterior РDECEX (Department of Operations for Foreign Trade) of Secretaria de Comércio Exterior РSECEX (Secretariat of the Foreign Trade) of Ministério do Desenvolvimento Indústria e Comércio Exterior – MDIC (Ministry of Development, Industry and Commerce). The pro forma invoice must state the commercial value of the imported items and a declaration that the items are for donation purpose only and that no payment are due. In the case that the shipment and/or insurance cost are of the responsibility of a Brazilian importer, or if the beneficiary is responsible for reimbursing the cost of shipment, this information must also be stated on the pro forma invoice and also on the LI form under the additional information item.

          4. Customs clearance and tax exemption request

          The customs clearance of the donated items will take place upon the registration of the Simplified Importation Declaration – DSI (Declara√ßão Simplificada de Importa√ßão) at SISCOMEX. That is also when the interested party should request the tax exemption for the donated items.

          5. Compatibility of nature, quality and quantity of the donated items

          The interested party must present to the Customs Authority proper documentation attesting the compatibility in nature, quality and quantity of the donated items with the activities developed by the beneficiary. This documentation should be issue by one of the following agencies:

          – Ministry of Heath (for hospital and health related items)
          – Ministry of Education (for items imported by educational institutions)
          – Ministry of Social Security and Welfare (for items imported by public institutions)

          6. Values of the goods

          In the cases that the value of the imported items exceed US$ 1,000.00 (one thousand US dollars), the interested party must also prepare a donation letter or equivalent document, issued by the exporting party, translated (if not in Portuguese) with the authentication of the Chamber of Commerce or of a Brazilian Consulate.

          7. Letter

          The donation must be formalized through a letter (must be typed):

          • have the letter typed on your organization’s letterhead stationary (not applicable for donations made by individuals);
          • the letter must be issued in triplicate, the original and all copies bearing an original signature (photocopies of signatures are not acceptable) and duly notarized with the Notary’s rubber stamp or dry seal;
          • full name (no abbreviations, please) and, as applicable, title must be provided below the signature;
          • The following information must be provided: name, CNPJ (Brazilian Tax Corporation Registration number) and address of the recipient of the donation; value of the items to be donated (for customs purpose); detailed statement confirming that the donation is made free of any charge.
          • The original and one copy of the donation letter will get a consular stamp, at no fee.
          • The other copies will be kept for filing purposes at the consular section.
          • The original letter authenticated by the Consular Service must be sent by the donor to the recipient of the donation in Brazil, who in turn, must submit it to the competent Brazilian Authority (Ministry of Health – for medical goods/hospital equipment, Ministry of Education or Ministry of Welfare) in order to obtain custom clearance approval.
          • It is recommended that a photocopy of the letter authenticated by the Consular Service be attached to the “Bill of Lading” or “Air Way Bill”.


          1 – I am a non-Brazilian citizen, why would I need a CPF (individual tax registry )?

          The Brazilian Individual Taxpayer Registry (CPF) is mandatory for individuals residing abroad who own property or other assets in Brazil subject to public registration, including:

          • Real estate property
          • Vehicles
          • Vessels
          • Aircrafts
          • Shares of stock
          • Bank accounts
          • Financial market investments
          • Capital market investments

          The registration can be done through our website. Fill out the Non-Resident Individual Form (Formulário para Pessoas Físicas Residentes no Exterior). Take it to the nearest Brazilian Consular Service, along with the necessary documents. Please check the website of the consulate with jurisdiction over your area for information on the documents required.

          2 – How can a non-resident update his/her individual tax registry (CPF)?

          A non-resident individual can update his/her taxpayer registry by using one of the three following options:

          • Send to the Secretariat of the Federal Revenue of Brazil (RFB) offices the Annual Tax Exemption Form (Declara√ßão Anual de Isento), between August 1 and November 30; simply complete the form that is available on our website and send it via internet (form in Portuguese); or
          • Call the Receitafone customer service line at 55-783-007-8300 (service in Portuguese only); or
          • Complete the Non-Resident Individual Form (Formulário para Pessoas Físicas Residentes no Exterior). Take it, along with the necessary documents, to the nearest Brazilian Consular Service. Please check the website of the consulate with jurisdiction over your area for information on the documents required.

          3 – I have a CPF number but I never received a CPF card in the mail. How can I obtain my CPF card?

          The Brazilian Secretariat of the Federal Revenue of Brazil (Secretaria da Receita Federal do Brasil – RFB) does not mail CPF cards outside of Brazil. The CPF cards can only be obtained at Brazilian post office branches (agências dos Correios), or at branches of the Caixa Econômica Federal (CEF) or the Banco do Brasil.

          Therefore, the applicant who resides outside of Brazil can apply for a CPF number at the nearest Brazilian Consulate, but can only obtain the physical card in person at a branch of one of the distributing agencies in Brazil, or through the use of a power of attorney, allowing someone else to pick up the document on their behalf.

          The Brazilian Secretariat of the Federal Revenue of Brazil (RFB) also has available on this website a form that can be used as proof of your application and registry for a CPF card. Please visit the “Issuance of Individual Taxpayer Registry (CPF) form for nonresidents” item in our website for further information, or contact the appropriate Brazilian consulate with jurisdiction over your area.

          Weapons and ammunitions

          1. In case of gun users visiting Brazil

          This fact sheet sets out the main requirements under Brazil’s Decree 3665 of November 20th, 2000for non-residents who wish to bring a weapon into Brazil.

          • The rules depend on the classification of the firearm and your purpose for bringing the firearm.
          • Since the Decree 3665is a federal law, it applies all across the country.
          • States may have additional requirements, especially with respect to hunting.
          • Upon arrival in Brazil, you must declare your gun at the Brazilian Customs and state the given purpose for carrying it.
          • You will be asked to complete a form, in Portuguese, in two copies (please, refer to the enclosed sample, below ‚Äì Appendix XXXVII ).
          • One copy must be sent to the proper Brazilian Army office.
          • Keep the other copy as your receipt.
          • Your gun will be held at Customs until the Army releases it.

          2. Classes of firearms and devices

          There are two classes of firearms and devices for the purposes of Brazilian law:

          • firearms of exclusive use by the Armed Forces
          • allowed firearms

          3. Regulation for the Inspection of Controlled Products

          Excerpt of Decree-Law 3665, November 20th, 2000

          (Translation of selected parts of the Brazilian legislation in force, with the sole purpose of assisting foreign nationals traveling to Brazil carrying firearms and/or ammunition)

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          Santander contacted me a year ago to sign a document in regards to FATCA and just yesterday called me again…I have yet to hear from BDB about my account with them

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          I can vouch for Finn’s friend as well….proper English gent…

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