• [QUOTE=davebritton92]I have posted this question on a couple of other sites so far but have not had any luck…I am going to base myself in Rio for the whole of the world cup. I’ve traveled in Brazil a bit before so am not fussed about “doing the tourist thing.” I wanted to catch an England game but that won’t be happening now with the draw and…[Read more]

  • I don`t really get it when people complain about this stuff, not sure how her finances are handled, but if she is given a set budget I`m pretty sure she can do what she wants with it, of course if she just goes to the cabelereiro and send the bill to Brasilia that`s an other thing..When you are collecting unemployment, pension, do the come and ask…[Read more]

  • [QUOTE=nikkij12185]He learned to wash his clothes, cook his food and take care of himself in general.[/QUOTE]So did pretty much everybody that went to school with me in the US..

  • [QUOTE=nikkij12185]For an example, look at the supermarkets here vs. supermarkets in the US. Brazilian men usually accompany their wives and then help carry the bags, American husbands generally avoid the market.[/QUOTE] Where do you live? here in Rio maids go with the wifes. Guys just go there to walk around drinking a bottle of Stella and buy…[Read more]

  • [QUOTE=Blue Skies] -Tombot[/QUOTE] No need to get married, just do a stable union at a notary in Brazil (União Estável), while you are here on a tourist Visa. Keep your airplane tickets! Take a crime record from the US, and sign-in at the closest US consulate in Brazil.Go to your local PF (Policia Federal) get a list of all the documents you n…[Read more]

  • [QUOTE=Squiddie] SwissPilot has good first-hand info. That’s cool.SwissPilot, since you have all that good practical info / experience, can you opine about the following: let her enter on a tourist visa, meet up in Reno, Nevada, and do a quick on-the-spot marriage there (apart from spending some time on beautiful Lake Tahoe). Then go back to…[Read more]

  • [QUOTE=tombot] And now I want to marry her. The plan right now is to move in with her and her family, to practice my limited Portuguese, find work teaching English and save $ until her and I can move out on our own. Any words of advice as to getting married in Brazil? I would like to gain Brazilian citizenship, but my girlfriend also desires to…[Read more]

  • [QUOTE=NitroBiz] [QUOTE=Solteropolitano] Many Brazilians apparently think screens block the breeze–at least that’s the story I’ve gotten.[/QUOTE] Block the breeze??? That’s hilarious![/QUOTE] It does a littlethis is what I did in my room (Amazon Jungle), it did got a less breezy in there