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    What about the the £ pound sterling to Real? its(last i looked) was £1 РR$3.90 and does not look like getting any weaker. Ok if your working in UK and sending money to Brasil, but im expecting reais coming in the next week or so. Should i ask her in doors to stick it in a high interest account in Brasil and wait till Real gets stronger against £ or just take whats coming as its not going to change much over next 6 months??????

    Cheers in advance
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    Ok i think thats what I will do, many thanks for the advice

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    Hi all,
    I want to change Brazilian real into Euros, whats your thoughts on the real losing and becoming stronger in the next couple of weeks?
    I have been offerd $3,020 Euros for R$10,000 reais today…thats seems very low, can anybody see the euro getting a little weaker in the next few weeks so maybe i hold out till then????
    Many thanks in advance

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    Well just read this, so put my mind at ease a little…good read for any ex-pat returning to U.K.

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    I√Ǭ† am told you can go to Banco du Brasil’s site and get that information.

    As for on the UK side.  I would check with the bank there.
    The other option, you might consider a bank card,√Ǭ† I think it is either a visa or master card that you can get, at least it works for the U.S. and it doesn’t√Ǭ† cost you a lot in fees.√Ǭ† So I am thinking they may have one for U.K. but don’t know for sure.

    Thanks CJBaker
    I have tried the Banco Do Brasil website, but with no joy. I have asked my bank in U.K. but until now no reply,maybe there not allowed to reply to questions about how much tax they will take off for incoming monies, i dont know.
    Keep seeing 40% for sending Money out of Brazil…i realy hope thats not true.
    Anyway thanks for your reply.

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    Hi all,
    Would like to ask some info also on bank transferS out of Brazil to U.K.?
    I,m moving back to U.K. in Janary and my wife and i have sold a plot of land in a private condo and I will be sending some of the Money back to U.K. around R$100,000 Reais back to my Lloyds account.
    Now my wife has a Banco do Brasil account and the Money will be transferd from that account to my Lloyds account in U.K.
    How much will i be charged to send the oney and how much tax will i be charged in U.K. for having Money sent from Brazil?
    Any help would be much appreciated as i realy dont want to get taxed too much with bank fees and taxes as have worked bloody hard for this Money.

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    Em geral, o Programa acontece em parceria com estados, municípios, empresas e entidades sem fins lucrativos.

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    [QUOTE=kiwicraig]Yep you are wrong…MCMV is a Govt program to get people earning low wages into their own first house/apartment built and approved. I seriously doubt the majority of people would have the knowledge, contacts and patience to build one themselves given the difficulty of dealing with builders and the bureaucracy of the local prefetorial, banks etc. And unfortunately it is not a quick buck given the way Brasil conducts business 🙁 That said I do have the contacts now, in case anyone wants that chat….By the way I am not sure if people know but the Govt just changed the MC melhor package to include I-pads. Go my Apple shares 🙂

    No i,m not wrong, Its a Govt program MCMV for the poor BRAZILIAN people to be able to finance over 25 yrs a Project to be able to move into their own Apt or house, NOT for gringoes like you to try and make a fast buck.
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    I,m not 100% sure, but thought the MCMV was for poor people to get out of the poverty life they have and finance with Caixa geral dep√ɬ≥sitos to buy a plot of land and build on it and pay over 25 yrs back to the bank and not for gringoes to make a fast buck out of it, could be wrong and all that…

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    [QUOTE=jamest]Like rebroker says, no need to base business in Brazil, base in USA or some other country.

    Here is a website forum all about this kind of stuff, teach yourself – google “warrior forum”


    Ok James many thanks, have already had a look at the warrior fórum and very interesting site for someone like me just starting out.
    Sean Wink
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    Ok thanks seems about right cheers Wink

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    Thanks, but is this an hourly pay or for the 10 hrs the R$50 Reais?

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    Just want to know? How much is the going rate(per hr) or (per day 8 hrs) is translating work here in Brazil?

    I have been offerd work to go with a big tourism company here in Brasilia to pick up a person at airport and accompany him to hotel and then onto his talk (palestre).
    The company who i left my name and phone number with about a year ago phoned me and asked how much I charge, well i do speak fluently Brazilian Portugues, but dont have a clue about how much to charge, they want me for 10 hrs to day and maybe need me tomorrow aswell.
    Anyone have any ideas?
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    Ok thanks everyone for the advice. Dont think i will be doing a course for two yrs as i want the business up and running within 2 to 3 months. It is not to be a tour guide business, its more about Brazilians Holidaying in the states.

    Anyway will look at Sebrae and also ABAV and also EMBRATUR ok
    Thanks everyone Wink
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    Hi every one,

    Not sure if this is the right place to put this, but thinking of opening a business with a website. It will be mostly tourism for Brazilians & foriegners, and I want to know the legalities of having a website business here in Brasil?
    Who do I register it with to be a legal website business here? ABAV? ministery of work
    How do people pay my company? do i open a PAYPAL account? or get a credit card account so they can pay into it?
    Would it be good to go to sebrae to get info about opening a website business?
    How would I pay my taxes as a small business? or just hire an accountent?
    Many thanks in advance for any free info.
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