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    i know 3Casas. I hate when people need to ”se achar” when they have a foreign friend.
    he is 34, i am 40. I – KSaudades – am a woman. lol..
    I agree it is time to bid adieu to this one.. ugh. Thank God I am going on vacation for 2 weeks – perfect to get this out of my system. 🙂

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    Well.. Steven, you’re right. this guy is 34 but mentally 16-17.
    We were dating for a year and then i found out he was cheating on me with more than one woman. I deleted him from my life. He came back and wants to be friends. But Levo is right. I guess I still have feelings for him. And he is still a player.
    And Picolino.. my Brazilian friends are saying the same thing. he is just using you and you keep going back for more. Not cool with it. Just need to ignore this guy.
    Thanks to all.

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    Something happened this weekend that really bugs me. Not sure if it is culture issue, or me being oversensitive.
    Went with a friend to see Metallica at Morumbi on Sat. and as the show ended, my friend picks up his cell and calls another friend – who was supposedly also at the show – and starts chatting away and then says “Let’s meet up outside.” and continued to talk with her the entire time the two of us are leaving the stadium.
    We get to the meeting point and she shows up with 3 other people. He introduces me and says “She’s American.” Ugh. I hate this. So automatically they try to speak in English with me, which I try not to do in public. i am fluent in portuguese, and tell them to speak portuguese with me.
    They ask how to get to the metro from Morumbi and then my friend says to the friend – who is a girl – “I can give you a ride home.” So this girl ditches her friends and leaves with me & my friend. He tells her – not me – that he will drop me off first, then her. He doesn’t even ask if I want to go out for dinner or drinks. Cause we hadnt eaten since 19h and it was 1 am.
    This girl is his coworker and the entire time we’re walking to the car, they talk about work and then she starts asking me questions. I was kind of annoyed by this point by my friend’s rudeness. In the end, I say let’s go get a drink and he agrees. She can’t cause she has to work early the next day.
    So, yesterday, I open Fbook and see that he has posted a album of pix of the show. First, one of the cover photos was one of us three in the car with the title “Heading back from Morumbi” and then he had taken at least 15-20 pics of me & him at the show. He posted 6 of these. the story on the album:
    Ir no Metallica s/ ingresso como quem não quer nada e conseguir infiltrar na √ɬ°rea VIP sem ningu√ɬ©m barrar, sem gastar um tostão, encontrar amigos/colega de trabalho e pegar uma palheta de cada um (Kirk, James e Trujillo) no meio da galera √ɬ© muita sorte para uma noite s√ɬ≥. Ontem ganhei na Sena!!!
    So, we did get in for free – a couple gave us their tickets as they were leaving early. Which was awesome! But to me & some of my Brazilian friends, he made it sound like he met up with me there or he went alone. Cause I would have said “Joao and I hit the jackpot on Sat.” – i dont know include my friend in my little story.
    Am I being oversensitive or is this friend just plain rude??

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    Hello everyone..
    Does anyone know the specific law regarding foreign workers – who work for a company – and if the company needs to act as a fiador? I am getting the run-around from my company and I’d like to be armed with the facts before I am extremely rude to my company’s legal team.
    I have lived in an apt for 30 months and need to move. My company was my fiador for this contract and now they are stalling or just flat out not doing what needs to be done to sign a contract for a new apt.
    I have to be out of my apt on Friday and I have been waiting for 2 weeks for the legal team to approve this contract. The real estate company changed some parts or added some parts to my company’s standard contract. And they are now not replying to my emails.

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    Happy New Year to all!!
    Congrats to Dave for finally getting your new visa!
    Another update to this thread.. I also wanted to share my leaving Brazil with a pending VITEM V visa transformation. My RNE/visa/etc expired in August 2013 and as of Dec. 2013, the process of transforming my VITEM V into a permanent visa was still pending. My lawyer advised me to obtain a tourist visa to gain entry to Brazil, which I did.
    I took all of the documentation to the consulate in Chicago and the woman there said ” Oh yes, we’ve had to do this before” – so they’re aware of this problem. And she was very polite and told me it would take 3 days to process the visa. A week later, with visa in my hands, I got to GRU and handed my passport to the PF officer. Did not say a word. Did not explain my situation.
    The PF officer looked at the computer screen, at the visa, and then back at the computer screen. She didn’t ask me a thing and just stamped my passport. She didn’t ask for any other documents or question my tourist visa. Just said “Thanks, have a nice day” and I was on my way.
    Hope this helps!

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    Hi everyone! I’ve looked on this thread for more info & found bits and pieces.
    I’m currently in VITEM V limbo – I’m in the process of renewing my work visa & it is being “analyzed” still. I am going home for the holidays on Thursday and scheduled to return in Jan. 2014. Got some questions for my fellow American VITEM V visa holders:
    1. Has anyone had a difficult time getting a tourist visa at the consulates in the US?
    2. Has anyone done this at the Chicago consulate – which is notorious for being difficult?!!
    3. Besides my SINCRE, is there any other stamps/documents I should get in my passport before I leave to show my work visa is being renewed? I have a protocolo from the Ministerio de Justica showing that my visa is being renewed – but it’s in Portuguese and I don’t think my friends at Delta Airlines will understand/accept this.
    I just don’t want any surprises when it’s time to come back to Brazil. My Brazilian boss does not understand any of these issues and if I don’t come back in Jan. I will probably lose my job. Yeah, he’s a little psycho..
    Thanks and happy holidays to all!!

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    Thanks for the info!! I fly back to the US in three weeks and was concerned about this too. Luckily, I will be home for 1 month, so I will have time to get a tourist visa to cover my tail.

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    The course is in Portuguese. You do everything in Portuguese. If you can’t give a one-hour tour in Portuguese, you don’t pass. Been there, done it.
    Also, you need a permanent visa to obtain a EMBRATUR tour guide card. If you don’t have it, take the advice the EMBRATUR official gave me “Honey, you’re cute. Go find a man and marry him. And then come back for your card”
    Good luck!

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    I’d have them start ASAP. If it’s a big company, the red tape in the company itself can take a while. And you’ll have to wait 1-1.5 yrs for the Braz govt to process this visa renewal.
    I’m going through the process and it’s taking a while. My company sent everything to Brasilia in June. The govt didn’t put the process into the system (there’s a site where you can check status, too.) until July. My lawyers told me that the Braz govt is telling them it’s going to be up to 1.5 yrs to process it.
    So, get the ball rolling now. And then sit back and wait.

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    OMG! This is so true. I brought some Trojans back from the US and my ex-boyfriend was like “Are Americans all hung?” HAAHAHAHAHA It was really hard not to laugh at that, especially given the moment. hahahahaha

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    Hey Ashley! I live in Saude. Jamest is right, it’s a middle class area. Very residential area. If you’re going to be working in the Zona Sul (South Side) or in Sao Caetano/Sao Bernardo, it’s a great place to live. Much cheaper than Moema/Itaim/Brooklin. Great access to Blue Line subway and many bus lines.
    There are 2-3 decent bars to go to, in my opinion. but if you’re looking for entertainment, head to Vl Madalena/Pinheiros/Rua Augusta. that’s what I do.
    Send me a msg here if you want more info. Good luck!

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    Hi Vince,
    I taught English here for about 6 months and it was a lot of hard work. Listen to what others are saying here about lots of non-paid work and preparation. If the student senses you aren’t skilled, he’ll drop you and find someone else. Teaching English isn’t just walking in and talking to a person. You need to be prepared and you need to know your stuff.
    I’ve got 2 friends who are English teachers. Both have been here in Sampa (city of SP) for 20-plus years teaching English. They are moving back to the US since they can’t make a living. Both work for schools and do private classes. Students cancel, schools pay less, and more schools requiring more certifications. You’ll most likely have to teach somewhere far from your house, so you’ll endure a 1-hr or more bus ride. And then get to the company and student is so busy at work that they’ll cancel at the last minute. Your transportation usually isn’t paid for, either.
    I work for another company now & if you’re looking for fewer working hours, SP or Rio are not for you. I just pulled in 80 hours this week. No overtime. Yeah, there’s a hours bank, but my boss never approves my requests for time off. So, your job there might suck, but jumping to an unknown could be even worse.
    Life isn’t always greener on the other side.

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    Thanks everyone!

    The apt. is in Praca da Arvore neighborhood in Sao Paulo. So, it’s not one ofthose trendy Zona Sul areas with fancy new buildings which normally have thejacked-up price tags.
    I did some digging and found that the owner bought it originally as aninvestment property and that it’s been vacant for 6 months. I am going to checkit out today with some friends (more eyes to spot any issues). But I noticed on zap.com.br and theother sites that the owner has 4 different real estate companies trying to sellit. So, I am thinking that this man needs to sell. Especially if it is an investment property.

    It’s a 100 sq m apartment and when I priced it against the otherapts of this size, it was cheaper than the rest in the Saude-Sta Cruz-Praca daArvore area. I am thinking that it isdue to the bright plum colored walls in 2 of the rooms and the fact that it’s acobertura of an semi-novo building (1997). Everyone says “it’s going to be hotup there”

    I will be here at least 3 years since that’s when my workvisa turns into a permanent one and then I can surely stay for longer. Believeme, I’ve been waiting 20 yrs to get a permanent visa without having to marrysomeone or have a kid. Hahaha. but to be serious, I believe I will be here for more than 5 yrs due to my job.


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    Hi all,
    I’d like to pick the brains of the Gringoes.com community. I found a great apt in my neighborhood and it is below market prices for this area. There doesn’t appear to be anything wrong with it.
    My question is.. should I wait and see if the “bubble bursts” or buy it now. My friend who is realtor (he is not representing the seller) said it’s a great deal and to buy it. But I’m just concerned with the potential bubble and then what do I do with it if I need to move back to the US. I’d obviously sell it, but not sure if I’d lose a lot of $$ or not. I thought I could always rent it out if I move back.
    It’s just that I can’t see paying R$2000-2600 a month in rent when I can have my own place. And I am a “regular” here. This is the third time I’ve lived/worked in Brazil. 🙂
    Any ideas/suggestions!? Thanks

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    It is in Sao Paulo. Bela Vista to be specific.

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