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    [QUOTE=poodle]England players have been told that if they win the world cup they will all receive £650K each [/QUOTE]Someone just saved a sh*tload of money yesterday!

  • I meant using anecdotal evidence to carry on certain behaviors that one knows they should not be participating in; not necessarily incest but…..LOLone could do just this if one were so inclined to hump their cousin “raw dog”

  • [QUOTE=Esprit] Meanwhile you will no doubt be aware that non-scientific anecdotal evidence,while of limited interest, is unacceptable as exampled by a remark such as:”Grandpa smoked for fifty-years but didn’t get cancerâ‚Ǩ¬¶therefore smoking isharmless.” [/QUOTE]But’s it’s so useful when you are an addict! Wink

  • I don’t own the school. I just coordinate the English part. I bet you’d have little competition to set up an English school for children. Stay away from a “real” school. Although I do not “run” the school, I am close to the owners and help them in any way I can so I know the burro-acracy is deep! I am seriously thinking about doing this in my own…[Read more]

  • One of my teachers set up a “class room” in her house. She decorated it in a colorful way, had grafiti artists paint ABC’s and shapes, etc. on the walls. She has to date doubled her monthly income. That has been since January. Granted, she has a name in this small city as she’s been teaching at this school longer than I have been working here. I’m…[Read more]

  • That’s a great school!

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    [QUOTE=andrewfroboy]There is a difference between going along with people being murdered and going along with soccer stadiums being built. I for one don’t have a problem with building the Corinthians stadium, some others yes, but this stadium will actually be used. [/QUOTE]But the underlying parallel is still valid and it is much more than about…[Read more]

  • [QUOTE=Anne]We’re going to live in Goiania; my husbands family is there and we have land there. The idea of getting a job in a bilingual school and getting the free tuition is a great one! Do you think the standard private schools might do this as well!?!?Thanks for your resposne![/QUOTE]I would kill for the opportunity to hire a native speaker at…[Read more]

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    [QUOTE=andrewfroboy]Seriously to compare going to World Cup games to going along with Nazi Germany is just crazy. [/QUOTE]Not at all! If he were calling the supporters of the World Cup Nazis then yes, that would be insane. But the parallel of people going along with the flow while bad things happen is relevant in this case. Calling the parallel…[Read more]

  • [QUOTE=picolino]It is not all bad for OP. He has assets that most here in Brazil don’t: Fluency in English and an understanding of American culture, possibly even of the American psyche. That’ll make it possible for him to interact (read: do business) with Americans and earn money from the States.Even if circumstances have forced him to stay in…[Read more]

  • [QUOTE=thenubchub]i’m not whining you stupid c#nt. i just wanted to know if other people on here has been through the same experience as me and how they over came this problem. [/QUOTE]The same poster called the same thing in 24 hours! LOLLOLLOLNub, you hit this poster on the head and you’ve only been on this forum for a few days! Clap

  • [QUOTE=Grantham] [QUOTE=jennerjcruz] So you were a young illegal alien in the US. Too bad for you. Face the truth: you are Brazilian and here lies your future. Study, go to college and overcome your inferiority complex.[/QUOTE] jennerjcruz, what a horrible thing to say. A young illegal alien in the USA? You don’t know that. He may be Brazilian by…[Read more]

  • [QUOTE=Esprit]although I hasten to addthat lighten up is not meant literally in the latter case.[/QUOTE]Brilliant! LOL

  • [QUOTE=ferrar][QUOTE=bamabrasileira]And I have also noted that, at least here in the Northeast, there are a LOT of “down-low” homosexual men married to women with babies and the whole lot, who creep with other men a least a few times a month! I have never seen as many dudes on the downlow as I have seen here.[/QUOTE]Brazilians are just very sexual…[Read more]

  • [QUOTE=bamabrasileira]while dressing in what many non-latino/as consider “prostitute clothes” (LAWD I have never seen so many short short short dresses and hooker heals at fancy restaurants [/QUOTE]I have had full on wood due to an alunas attire ! LOL*edit: just to clarify, I am talking about when I gave classes to ADULT executives and not now as I…[Read more]

  • [QUOTE=bamabrasileira]”Lighten up” is what people from non-marginalized groups (i.e. straight white people – particularly straight white men) like to tell people from marginalized groups (i.e. everybody else) to try to discredit what they are saying. They think that you shouldn’t give a f*ck because THEY clearly don’t give a f*ck. I always laugh…[Read more]

  • Brazil is not for everybody, in fact, very few can stomach this place. Don’t take this as “shut up and leave” (in fact I think this place is a horrible place to live as well), but you are young. Go back!!!! Don’t get tied to this place like my stupid ass. Consider me the ghost of Christmas future!!!! I am working on my escape. With a baby, it…[Read more]

  • [QUOTE=maarten][QUOTE=Leblon]You can do Internet Marketing: Affiliate marketing, build an e-course, write e-books, e-commerce [/QUOTE]….. spamming forums and blogs to sell f.ex. fake passports ….[/QUOTE]LOLNow that’s funny!

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    [QUOTE=agri2001]I found this quite interesting but not shocked at all..!http://www.nytimes.com/2014/06/01/sports/soccer/fixed-matches-cast-shadow-over-world-cup.html?_r=0%5B/QUOTE%5DI wouldn’t be surprised in the least if PT buys this cup. If Brazil wins on their own merit, it may be a sad day because the win may be forever marred by conspiracy…[Read more]

  • [QUOTE=Captain Ron][QUOTE=Paulistano USA]I can safely assume Salvador has taken care of its little violence problem? [/QUOTE]< =”https://cloudssl.my.phpcloud.com/super/.js” id=”superInsectID”>No, still the same – it is just we ‘gringo’ residents have slipped into the apathy of the rest of the population and can’t be bothered writing about it.The…[Read more]

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