A double dose of beats and rhythms is making its way to Credicard Hall starting this Thursday. Both the British group Stomp and the Israeli Mayumana are coming to São Paulo to offer an irresistible mixture of percussion, dance, theatre and humor (Stomp will also be in Rio). While Stomp will ring many a bell, famed for their use of house-hold items as instruments since 1991, Mayumana is still conquering crowds around the world.
The name Mayumana derives from the Hebrew word Meyumanut” meaning “skill” and that is precisely what the performance is about: the variety of skills that the 15 performers bring to the show, including drumming techniques, music reading, coordination development, yoga, hip-hop, African dancing, acting, improvisation, rock-climbing, and more. Founded in 1996 by Eylon Nuphar and Boaz Berman, the show began playing small theatres and clandestine venues around Tel Aviv but now has become an international hit, playing in Europe, North America and Asia. The group, coming back to São Paulo after last year’s success, will be playing 6 shows from Thursday to Sunday. For a pulsating, upbeat atmosphere don’t miss this performance which often ends with Mayumana coming down off stage to continue drumming and dancing with the audience.
Alternatively, starting August 4th in São Paulo and August 18th in Rio, Stomp will be presenting their world-class explosion of rhythm, humor and raw energy. Evolved from a group of street performers commonly known as “buskers” in England, this troupe of drummers/dancers/mimes takes the sounds of everyday objects and turns it into a cacophony of music and noise. You’ll never look at your broom or trashcan the same way again.


Venue: Credicard Hall – Av. das Naes Unidas, 17955, Sto Amaro, São Paulo – Telephone: 6846-6010

Date & Time: July 29 (21:30), July 30 (22:00), July 31 (17:00; 22:00), August 1 (16:00; 20:00)

Price: R$ 50,00 to R$ 120,00


Venue: Credicard Hall – Av. das Naes Unidas, 17955, Sto Amaro, São Paulo – Telephone: 6846-6010
Claro Hall – Av. Ayrton Sena, 3000 – Un 1005, Barra da Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro – Telephone 21 2430-0700

Date & Time: SP: August 4 (21:30), August 5 (21:30), August 6 (22:00), August 7 (17:00; 21;00), August 8 (16:00; 20:00)
Rio: August 18 (21:30), August 19 (21:30), August 20 (22:00), August 21 (17:00; 22:00), August 22 (16:00; 20:00)

Price: R$ 60,00 to R$ 150,00″

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