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Summary: Lawyer and consultant I have a MBA in Strategic Management Construction and Real Estate Business, a Post-graduation in Administrative Law and Public Law, and a Degree in Law from Universidade Estadual de Londrina. Over 10 years of professional experience, including serving in senior management executives Legal departments progressively. I have worked in the civil area, in business law, construction law, administrative law, tax law, consumer law and class actions. Excellent writing skills with the ability to achieve the desired goal in a clear and concise manor. Excellent knowledge in management processes and systems. Experience in civil consultancy relationships with government and non- government agencies. Cost: R$ 200 per hour for consult. Style: Easygoing, friendly and professional. Location: I live in the Leblon neighborhood, but can meet wherever is most convenient for you. Availability: I am available weekdays at afternoon. About Me: I am 34 years old and a native of Londrina, Paran state of Brazil. I have been working in the legal department and as a lawyer most of my life, and lived 08 months in Australia studying English. I am very friendly and easygoing and a creative, active problem solver and skilled in the practical application of legal knowledge solutions. Extras: I enjoy dancing, going to the gym and pilates, beach, theater, cinema and concerts with my friends. You are very welcome to join us if interested.
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