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  • I have a Certificate IV in Fitness in from A.I.F (Australian Institute of Fitness) and Diploma of Sports Coaching from C.S.F (College of Sports and Fitness) , and can offer my services as a mobile Personal Trainer. I lived 7.5 in Australia so I can speak fluent English. I can take training sessions at your place or at your local park, also I can provide you online coaching, all based on your needs.
Cost: R$90 per 60 minutes session Style: Laid back, friendly and driven. Location: I live in the Jardins neighborhood, but can drive to your place or local park. I have preference for taking sessions around Zona Sul and Zona Oeste suburbs. Availability: I am available only on weekdays About Me: I am 31 years old and a native of Sao Paulo. I have been working in the Fitness industry for over 5 years, more than 10 years of experience in endurance competition such as: Adventure Races, Expeditions, Half Marathons, Marathons and Triathlons. I lived 7.5 years in Australia, where I completed various courses such as: Certificate II of Management, Advanced Diploma of Marketing, Advanced Diploma of Business, Certificate IV of Fitness and Diploma of Sports Coaching. Ive have been back to So Paulo for 9 months. I am very reliable, friendly and driven. Im passionate about helping people to achieve their goal yet improving their health and life style. Extras: I do Triathlons, usually long distance. Love to train outdoors and socialize with friends during my free time.
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