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Summary: I have a Law degree from a top university in South Africa and I also worked as a Safari Guide in South Africa for 4 years, we can discuss everything from legal systems to animal behavior. I have been teaching in Sao Paulo for the last year. I am also a keen runner, so if you looking for a training partner who you can speak to in English, then Im your guy. Cost: R$90 per hour weekdays Style: Easygoing and friendly. Location: I live in Moema so I am able to have lessons around this area, or in neighborhoods around Moema, to find out if I am available to teach you in your neighborhood, contact me. I am also available by Skype Availability: I am free from Mondays to Fridays, hopefully your free times will match up with mine. About Me: I am 29 years old, I moved to Sao Paulo in the beginning of 2014 to be with my girlfriend. This is the first time I am living outside of South Africa and I am loving the experience. My Portuguese is very basic but it is improving everyday. I have worked in jobs from being a sports coach to safari guide and I would love to share some of these experiences with you. Extras: As mentioned above, I am a keen runner so if you looking for an outdoor lesson and to get into shape we could have a great time running/walking around Parque do Ibirapuera.
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