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Summary: I am a professional musician/dj from Brooklyn nyc with over 25 years of club experience. I also rent out sound systems for djs or bands. All my equipment is imported and was chosen for optimum sound quality. I play my dj sets with vinyl records and spin a mix of hip hop, house, reggae, MPB , soul, salsa, etc I usually play live flute, sax, melodica, and/or cello with my sets creating a live acid-jazz type sound. Cost: Every gig is different depends what is necessary for production Style: Good music for dancing, conversating, and romancing Location: Im in the ZO but I got a fusca and will play anywhere as long as the money is right Availability: 24/7 About Me: Im 46 years old and have been living in sao Paulo for 9+ years. Extras: I was a professional chef specializing in vegetarian cuisine and nutrition. I am very well aquainted in the organic scene here in SP. My girlfriend and I are building a bicycle now to sell organic mini pizzas on the streets of SP. I also take fitness and health very seriously. I train very regularly and work with kids teaching them the value of being in good shape through jumping rope and basketball. I have worked at sesc for the past 2 years with a group called pe de mola doing workshops and exhibitions about jumping rope.
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