By Boris Goldshmit
Here is part 2 of Boris’s article, with advice on how to hire a suitable real estate agent in Brazil. To read the previous part click the link at the bottom of the article.

Broker, are you a broker?
In order to become a licensed real estate agent (broker) in Brazil it is necessary to take a training course TTI (Tcnico de Transases Imobilirias), pass exams on the comprising modules, and, finally, pass the state licensing exam.

A broker can exercise the profession only after obtaining the TTI diploma, passing the state licensing exam, and being duly registered with the corresponding state CRECI. At this point the broker obtains a professional ID card and a CRECI registration number. The real estate broker ID card has to be carried at all times during exercise of profession and ought to be shown to anyone wishing to see it. CRECI number identifying the professional is mandatory to be listed in all advertising.

In special cases, students of TTI courses are issued intern permits that allow them to work at real estate agencies during their training.

It is fairly simple to identify a real estate professional in Brazil. Endless trouble (alas, not all of it) could be avoided by taking this simple, yet often overlooked step.

NOTE: If you wish to be certain that you are dealing with a legit real estate professional, ask for ID, and note the name and the CRECI number.

Picareta – (literally a con artist) is a slang term often used to designate false brokers.

There are two types of CRECI licenses:

Individual license granted to graduates of TTI course who have passed the state licensing exam.

Note: Holders of bachelor and master level degrees in Real Estate Sciences are also eligible for CRECI inscription without having to take the TTI course. They still have to pass the state licensing exam.

Company licenses are issued to companies that incorporate real estate related activities in the corporate bylaws as well as being headed and managed by an individual CRECI holder (real estate agency).

Note: Company CRECI can be used for advertising and legal purposes, but only individuals holding CRECI licenses can provide real estate services to clients.

What real estate agents are qualified to do

RE brokers in Brazil are not mere sales agents. Despite the fact that the primary function and the main revenue source for real estate professional remains commission derived from brokering, CRECI licensed professionals ought to be able to advise on and guide clients through most if not all the intricate details of a real estate transaction.

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