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    Help me this is a serious question, let me explain.
    I don’t know why, most of brazilians come from european families frequently of a recent migration, why know they are so different? europeans were stupid one hundred years ago? brazilians got worse in the last century? The sad slavery history is not an answer, both “pure white” are affected by the same problem. Dictatorship not even is a coplete motivation, Spanish Italy Germany suffered the same.
    Most brazilian people would be just offended, most of foreginers will agree with you, the first group should think about why the second one exist, (who mind that sentence too much twisted probably belongs to the first group).
    Brazilians (most of, sure) are unreliable, individualist and lazy.
    unreliable: all are friendly (at surface layer) but if you wait for a call you can probaly you will die before, no mind how much you are grant about it. If you ask a question to a bank or to a cartorio or any office the answer is uncertain, there are two options or the employee grant an answer different from the previous and next one, or refuse to answer because it would take too much responsability.
    Individualist: the world of a brazilian ends wiht his skin, they don’t trust anyone, (being unrealiable they assume anyone is, and probably that’s right) in certain cases the maximum level of solidarity is the family, that is the individualism of a minimum-size group with common interests.
    Lazy: not just about working, but mainly about thinking, they refuse to explain and analyse any opinion they have, they not even never thought why they develpped that opinion. They don’t open a book to self-educate about any subject if they are not obliged, if read is compulsory it is not the case to deeply analyse the text for the pleasure of enlarging their culture, but just learn the minimum to pass an exam.

    If you did not read the whole content or if you have not understand it you are just a ……. brazilian

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    Dear Andera, you are wasting your time trying to figure them out.
    Here on this site, and many others, they are known as a$$holes.

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    When the Bee Gees toured Brazil they found the same problems and so wrote the lyrics to ‘Tragedy’.

    “When the feeling’s gone and you can’t go on
    It’s tragedy
    When the morning cries and you don’t know why
    It’s hard to bear
    With no one to love you, you’re
    Goin’ nowhere
    When you lose control and you got no soul
    It’s tragedy
    When the morning cries and you don’t know why
    It’s hard to bear
    With no one beside you, you’re
    Goin’ nowhere
    When the feeling’s gone and you can’t go on it’s tragedy.

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    It’s experience and perspective on Brazilian’s part that give that appearance to outsiders. They just don’t have much experience outside of their environment. Brazilians who travel or have lived in other countries have a huge advantage.

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