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    HOLLY sh*t..!
    You do have a lot of time on your hands, and that’s been said without reading a word of what you wrote.

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    It took me 3 hours. Should I be thinking that others may think that I have to much time to do what and when I want? You sound very cheeky in a pure jeitinho brasileiro, either you-ll find yourself above, either you got brazilialienated. Maybe I am a bit harsh on you but this concerns only and only me, especially when I lost hundreds of hours, months and years for waiting or having to deal with so many here, so please mind your own time cause you seem pretty active on the forum and probably you are not financially independent.

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    I am a fast reader, but I have no time to read all that.

    good luck.
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    Deadgringovacilao2014-04-03 17:11:06

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    Maybe I’m a sucker for these things; alwayshoping for a little gem of insight that might lighten my day. Regrettably, Iwas prevented from reading all 6035 words when, upon reaching paragraph 13 and developinga mild headache, only to read, “If you had the patience until now, please understandthat I am not even in the middle of my therapy.” Wacko

    It would be reasonable to think that thisBozo’s therapist has suggested that his patient should write down his feelingssuch that the patient himself might go some way in self-analysis and an understandingof his persecution complex during such a process.

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    sven van ‘t Veer

    I have a rule, if it doesn’t fit on the screen, I don’t read it, unless they pay me.

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    I wonder if you would squizz my red nose face to face. Whatever, this is the first time I am ever signing up to a forum and I have never been through therapies in any sense, even if to other point I may be qualified to attend some thay may really need. OK> for your possible Brazilian ego(Orgulho de ser no sei o que) you may find out very easy that I was throwing out all my desgust towards the absurd and demented way the things are in this country and the word therapy was meant to illustrate a nice attempt to not smack in the face all the rude and all the ignorant bipeds that are crossing my path with their arrogance and ignorance just like you. Before trying to get smart around using words that never came into your area of interest is like teaching many Brazilians to walk in the street.

    I only bothered to respond to you just because I am already considering that many other invertebrates may put this up over and over. Or you-re that type of gringo that came here because back to mommy and dady-s place nobody gace any attention and no girlie letted you make her psychoanalysis before you got 28?
    AND youc ould also remark the 2 paranthesis I-ve been putting there to mark that I am draining out my rage instead of manifesting my long lost patience with others as such.

    gringovacilao2014-04-08 15:51:51

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    Maybe therapy is what you really need, and not by some run of the mill psychologists but a truly whack job psychiatrists.
    The reason being is the part of the AK-47, that lends credence to what I said above.
    Good luck to you..!

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    No need for a wall of text.
    I’ll just leave this here:
    My new favorite site (and one for the bookmarks).
    Made by thinking Brazilians who recognize that they are in a minority. But who for whatever quixotic or self-interested reasons are nevertheless attempting to point out some of what is wrong ….and hoping to change it.

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    Am I right in thinking that you don’t like Brazil ? Confused

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    I would not say right. If there would not be so dangerously crazy I would just ignore all the “cultural “aspects and mind my life but is a great challenge to have to deal with rudeness to the extreme combined with the lack of respect for others and condimented by the real dangers of facing so many armed dudes at large. Why?

    I am only throwing a glove in a good way because people are not mean, but to cozy with themselves while I am not here to change nothing. How about you?
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    Well… I read the whole thing.
    You can attribute that to how compelling is his writing… r to the inefficiencies of the Brazilian public transport system. I will let you guy guess which it is!

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    [QUOTE=gringovacilao]I wonder if you would squizz my red nose face to face.

    I am sure you can pay someone to do that for you on Rua Augusta!
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    And to have a normal discussion without being called a Bozo where I can find a nice place?

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    I was thinking that may be helpful for some people to see a dark part of Brazil through my perspective towards my negative experiences and as for instance I-ve been very happy to read the thread on – walking in the street in Brazil- (get out of my way), so I thought I could have the same results for somebody that may be frustrated with the same basic annoying r dangerous things around here.

    BUT NO! I had to be criticized for the big volume of my thoughts; by the way, since there is no limit about a precise quantity of words I don-t see why I should limit myself only to please some that are wilfull or not to read what I wrote so I was instantly called a Bozo and being given advice to have myself following a psychological therapy. And all these from the dudes that I-ve seen that they are super active on this website and pose that they have an amazing answer for everything and being smaarter than the averge bear. Cool, you are awesome guys, you do not have to read, got it. But maybe someone who is not posing that whatever disturbs him at my post may find teh details in other way than you have to show off and to insult me and to treat me with cheap arrogance cause I really see no reason; afterwards if you bring it on on insults and whatever, read and then if you feel a compulsive need to criticize, criticize, but you can not pick on my views on things or on my experiences just because you think that you are better than me.
    And if is not convenient to read my critics – then you must be pissed off that I was mentioning that I am from no country with collonial past – so what-s the painful wound here/? For me none, but if I brang this on I was already expecting that some common arrogant gringo that poses he works here would pick on me just because I am not matching that tipology of super wild gringo that you may find in any touristic place who is super happy to receive some attention from the locals in another country only because he is a foreigner and probably has some money from his mommy in the pocket and then he-s snorting some coke and bangs some hot chicks and then suddenly becomes the boss of the world and of the forums(that cliche of DiCaprio where the gringo tourist believes that nothing bad would ever reach him, not even in some of the most dangerous countries of the world).
    The idea is simple yesterday I just registered on this forum and I have been welcomed with mean unnecessary comments and insults that are with no reason, especially considering that you are not Brazilians.
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    it must be college spring break! could it be our long lost prodigal grantham come home to roost?

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    [QUOTE=3casas]it must be college spring break! could it be our long lost prodigal grantham come home to roost? [/QUOTE]
    3C I think you’re unto something now.

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    [QUOTE=3casas]it must be college spring break! could it be our long lost prodigal grantham come home to roost? [/QUOTE]

    I was also thinking Grantham. Or maybe Ray.
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    I’m thinking its just not Brazil that hates you.

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    WOW! I that was a LOT! and an oddly cathartic read! It was like reading a couple of chapters from a book and captrures at least 75% of the frustrations that most of us have here :-) Just know that we sometimes fell ALL of this too :-D!

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    sven van ‘t Veer

    [QUOTE=3casas] it must be college spring break! could it be our long lost prodigal grantham come home to roost? [/QUOTE]
    Nah. Grantham writes better.

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    As they say “if you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen”.

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    [QUOTE=Grads]I am a fast reader, but I have no time to read all that.[/QUOTE]
    I attempted to make the time, but the lack of page breaks in the OP left me dizzy.
    It appears to me that someone’s meds either ran out, or need to be adjusted.
    Now boarding, Zones 1-3….

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    I am a Brazilian Gaì∫cho and i agree with many thing that you said, in many of what you said there is something that always caused me indignation.
    Despite i do not have many references from many countries and i never visited other state of Brasil:
    Once i have gone to Uruguai and in the frontier there is almost no Uruguaian in Rivera, but the few i talked too felt like they were the most nice people on planet earth, the same with an Argentinian that i tried to talk, i could feel how good hearted they were, i felt something like a comfort in my soul talking with them, like if i had seen an oasis after the desert.
    Do not mind the ones on this forum that are trying to put you down.
    You don’t know how great was for me to read your post, is always great to know that i am not alone.
    I definitively have empathy for you.
    Just try not let all this things to stick on your mind, it can bring you diseases and bad luck, when you keep thinking that something bad is going to happen, not exactly the same thing will happen, but something equivalent to that always ends up happening.
    My best wishes for you. God bless you man.

    Mìºller2015-03-15 18:12:18

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    Dear Mr. Filipicamo,

    Thank you so much for all the positiveness that reached me as directed. I had to let it out just to make sort of an ~empate ~ with your country which by the way, good, bad, crazy, etc is my second home in any sense. This is not about frustrations as a purpose, but mostly as a slap to the hypocrites from all over that are perpetuating and maintaing a low human existence in any sense. I a grateful to reach through this nice souls and even though I am not minding some John Does barking about quantity or about the incapaicty to understand or at least to respect other points of view that are for sure not singular. I have met here some of the most wonderful persons in my life, very rare, but still going on so I could not expect from a forum any sort of understanding that I wish for cause if I was into cheap and superficial interactions I would probably be covered in piles of buddies and whatsoever so I prefer to keep on discussing with real people which unffortunately they are limited in some places at the flanelinhas, the vendedoras from the supermarket and the empacotadores, the porteiros, some nice old people in the street, etc, people that deserve and know to be human and to get along with without looking for a critic just to cover theirs..
    If I did not get in anything like leaving your country, talking alone in the street(as very many do) or to meow daily on the Internet, etc, there is plenty of heart for many nice and good things!
    Nobody is alone, except those that are liked by everybody; I was not looking for the approval of my thoughts, neither for testing or concerning about my writing skills, or of my experiences from other gringos, no way, so I would be really worried if I would get too much positivity. But yours made my day and I am very thankful that you wrote to me. Sometimes in the street there is nothing more needed than to just respond instantly to someone-s look without nothing else but knowing that you just met a good person! All my best to you my friend!

    gringovacilao2014-04-08 15:33:37

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    Filipicampo, of course there are some A-holes on this forum but in general it is just that most members have heard it all before. Every couple of months there is somebody “new” like this. I put it in quotes because nobody really knows if it is a new person or a sock puppet of a previous member. Many of the complaints are legit but I think people get tired hearing the same thing over and over.

    Changing the subject, man I can’t believe you haven’t traveled into Uruguay. You are so close but I guess your budget must be tight. Uruguayans are generally reserved but really nice people. Plus they tend to not be materialistic, which I like.
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    The human species ‘maysplit in two.’http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/6057734.stm

    Suchevolutionary tendencies have already appeared on this forum confirmed by asplit in the species and the formation of a sub-species of sock puppet trolls.

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    Dear friend gringovacilão

    It is visible that your english is amazing, just that you got tired and made some digitation errors, and they used that to put you down, that is regular in Brasil, I am studying for my english to be as good as yours, i still have to consult the dicitionary very frequently so i can understand everything that i read in english.

    This process of you telling the things that are aflicting you is great, it is like you are removing the weight on your back, and when i read that i feel like myself am doing this too. It is good, because after that you don’t concentrate your feelings on this things anymore, and if you make a good interaction with other members you can always remember this interactions when you got some problem, and you know that you can came here and share it all with us.
    We should all be aware and talk about bad things without concentrating our feelings on this things, so that it can be healthy and productive for us all. And for us to no concentrate these feelings we should trow this heavy weight off of our backs here on this forum. So we need to express all our anguish here so then we can stop feeling it.
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    Changing the subject, man I can’t believe you haven’t traveled into Uruguay. You are so close but I guess your budget must be tight. Uruguayans are generally reserved but really nice people. Plus they tend to not be materialistic, which I like.


    Yes i am an student, it is not that is tight for me, it is just that i don’t have money at all kkk
    I almost don’t travel, but i will on the right time!

    Mìºller2015-03-15 18:11:54

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    Hey, I read your whole post and I agree with you 100%! I totally understand your frustration!

    I don’t live in Brazil anymore and I will tell you how I felt when I spent a month outside brazil:
    I got really impressed when walking in the morning in a neighborhood and someone would say Good Morning. Seriously??? This person doesn’t even know meâ‚Ǩ¬¶ People would say hi at the elevator, on your neighborhood streets, even the bus driver!!! OMG!
    Everybody stops for pedestrians!!! As a brazilian and first time traveling I was going to cross the street in the middle of the block (as normal in Brazil) when a taxi stopped for me, LOL. Then I realized no one cross the street in the middleâ‚Ǩ¬¶ and cars actually stop for you!! People are way too nice outside Brazil.
    One of the things that most got my attention was about walking on the streets and not having men flirting with you every time you pass, or staring at parts of your body. I am a woman in my 20’s and I never felt so good before walking by myself.
    Because I had a brazilian mentality still, I would see bicycles around without any protection it would cross my mind how easy it is for someone to steal that. I would encounter so many situations where things could be easily stolenâ‚Ǩ¬¶ Houses with no fences?? Paradise!! Delivery boxes in your door step all day long and nobody steals it? It seemed crazy to me at first.. So different from Brazil!
    My mum in brazil doesn’t take fresh cut flowers to the cemetery anymore because it gets stolen. Even Newspaper can’t be delivered the way they do at states or it wouldn’t be there the next hour!
    The respect on the streets were also something I noticed. People don’t even touch you and they apologize. Just that awkward moment of not knowing if you go right or left against the person walking the opposite direction is enough for a non-brazilian to apologize. I was perplexed!
    I saw retired people enjoying life, going on hikes, volunteering at museums, driving cars and getting around. I was again perplexed. It was like discovering another world to me.
    I left my trip thinking if there is a place that makes me happier, I would work to be there. 3 years later and now I am here, where I couldn’t be happier and thank the life I have every single day when I walk to work. There is no problem that this country have that makes me complain. I fully love the country and the life I live!
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    First of all I will try to explain why Iwill probably sound like I am very frustrated or possibly full of hate. Yes, Iam deeply frustrated but I am not hating you, my dear fellow Brazilians, onlythat sometimes you are more than one could handle matching to many negativeaspects â‚Ǩ aspects that may result in death very easy or even worse( I will tryto not fantasize so much about this, cause you know it how is it going here).So I am writing all this first of all to put myself in a sort of peace withmyself and trying as well to give it back to you the way I see and feel thinghere between you guys. I will keep the details regarding my nationalityconfidential, but all I can say that I have Latin blood in my veins as well. SoI am not a gringo from the U.S., neither from the Western countries that youpraise, hate, or envy whatever. And I am not also from some Azerbaijan orsomething like this that you may never hear.

    Iam finding myself in Brazil for some 4 years, living in some N-E parts,including the interior up to the “sertao”. As well, some good time in yourbiggest most known city capitals â‚Ǩ except Rio (where I had to go onlyconcerning documentation) . I came here and I moved here only and only in thename of love, this next desecration about the things that drive me crazy hereare no hot news for my special wonderful wife, the reason I have moved here andby the way, up to this very moment this amazing person is one of the very few,almost the only Brazilian that convinced me that there can always be somethingwonderful even in the craziest places on Earth. So nothing here applies to mydear one, only because she has a very developed good sense, she keeps her word,she is sincere, honest, punctual and an amazing person that shocks the crowdswith her simplicity and vivacity and kindness â‚Ǩ all without any trace offakeness.

    Itis a huge mistake â‚Ǩ and I really want to make this very clear â‚Ǩ that Brazil itcan not be reduced to Rio de Janeiro, Salvador and Sao Paulo. Or whatever,considering that they are praising these locations so much.

    Also, to avoid the shouting voices of theBrazilian patriots yelling at me that why I stay here, why I do not go backwherever I am from, etc, I would like to also point out that many, many and allthe countries and populations have their bad parts, it would be an unfair thingto limit myself to criticize only the hypocrisy or only the falsity from Brazilonly and only and even if I was not a tourist almost not at all in my life, butI-ve been travelling a bit in some countries, I would go further to point outwhy I am getting crazy and crazier in Brazil. I will not bring up the racismfrom the U.K. or from the Netherlands or from other countries that they stillhave fresh blood on their and with a very impressive historic of colonialism,exploitation, genocides, military invasions, etc.. so don-t bother to stick me nextto a precise typology or appartenance.

    Thereare so many different and contrasting parts of Brazil, you can not simply applya dichotomization without knowing the periferia, without going to the interioror working with burgueses or for them or between simple or poor people. Many other foreigners have already been puttingout their experiences and I have no choice to not mention some of their pointsas well because dealing with the country’s particularities day by day I amfacing the same sort of things and sometimes probably even more. I don-t hateyou, but I want to let it clear that many of you guys, my dear Brazilians, youshould make a break sometimes, if you want, thinking about how other people maythink, not only gringos, but people in general. As well, I am not conducting anegative campaign towards a country or a population but think really goodbefore coming here and especially before, if needed..moving here!

    I don-t even know from where to start liberatingmyself of putting out my thoughts, my frustrations and my sadness; all theseare in sum a big knife in my heart because I came so happy here, and I amstill, but I can not ignore the dangers or the very weak human relations and thelack of any empathy or good will. I know you guys number like 220 millionpeople, more or less and there must be a harsh concurrence on many aspects andin many domains, but how many of you start to think that even the smallestgestures or details in our day by day life may conduct to a nicer environmentin any sense, but, without being arrogant, I would put this as a utopia.

    Starting with one of the most simple and humanly possible act of being aperson, especially when forming a crowd, why is so impossible to have thesmallest interest into respecting yourself or others at least while walking inthe street, while walking in a supermarket, store, vegetable market, etc? Whyeveryone has to bum in you, to ran you over with the trolleys like 30 times perday, why is so hard to move about 2 cm in the street to not bump like a hippopotamusinto others that are even able to duck arrows considering the ninja reflexes thatthey developed here avoiding unsupervised kids anywhere, rude people that thinkand present themselves as the best creature that ever passed on Earth ever(hereI will develop soon, cause this is really crazy, the cult of the self in Brazilis crazy!!!!). I should hold myself like 30-40 times per day while walking inthe streets or at the university, or in the metro, without minding that peopleare really not giving a thing on how they walk at least? Is not this a veryshameful point? By the way with points, if you are in the street and there willstart a rain you will be like a beer can in the feet of a bull parade. And evenworse, nobody will ever have the good sense to move their umbrella a millimeterso that your eyes would be at any moment in sort of a safety pint. NONONO WAY!!!!

    Nobody respects nobody here and nobody cares about nothing here, because thisis not laziness how others would say, it is rudeness at its best and the commodityof thinking you are better than anyone else conducts to even more serious thingslike trying to cross the street when everyday you should thank to the skiesthat you arrived with as many limbs when you first left the house in themorning because here almost nobody signals when they take right, left,whatever, and you can become a pile of mangled meat in milliseconds so takereally good care about this issue because it is very serious; as well in thebuses, the drivers are absolute maniacs, demented Mad Max from Hell where youcan simply fell of the bus while the driver opens at 50 km-h with 100 m beforethe bus stop and many many times even if you persist to drop off, without some shouting youwill not be permitted to go down where you were planning to.

    Continuing withthe transport â‚Ǩ or better said the living hell of reaching point A going frompoint B. ALL A LIVING HELL, I repeat!! The buses are ultra dirty, they pass with ultra speed on the pedestriancrossing points, then, again, they are dirty, dirty as crazy, in the exterior,ok, but in the interior, the windows are covered with sebum, lots and kilos ofsebum, in the metros there is an apocalyptic crowd that would do anything toenter even if there is no left place possible, they will make their waypushing, hitting, forcing, jumping, etc in the most absurd way possible, thereis no such thing to go in SP with the metro and to not get crazy, I have seenhundreds of scenes what ultra passed any scenarios of dementia(pregnant womenbeing thrown to the ground, disabled people in wheelchairs as well, women beingabused sexually, petty thefts, fights, huge abuses from those retarded personnelthat may keep the order let-s say, etc, etc). And to go at work in the morningand to face such a chaos day by day of course you go crazy, I have seen womenmaking their way into a crowd of hundreds of people using their elbows like ina swimming style close to Muai Thai, nobody will ever blink to excuse in noproven situation and I mean about those that you know yourselves going likethis and never giving a blink about nothing in the world. Then, in almost allthe cities, to not go so deep with the violence yet to be considered that Idon-t have still many reasons to pick on until I reach the subject of THEVIOLENCE HERE check this out and believe me please that â‚Ǩ I repeat : in most ofthe cities you are exposed in the public transport to armed robberies(from 38revolvers to ninja swords or fantastic machetes or automatic assault firearmsor even defensive grenades).

    Up to this point, the common Brazilian was alreadygiving up reading what I am writing, I am not saying never about laziness, onlyabout commodity so, prepare yourself for some more crazy features and manyother pages that are only to resume very fast the aspects that are how they arehere. So, continuing with the transportation â‚Ǩ going with the bus in the ruralareas you may get kidnapped because you are a foreigner especially in theNorthern down to the Central Brasil with no difficulty! You can also receivethe same treatment as any other â‚Ǩ like myself, being kidnapped with the entiregroup of people in the bus by some guys with revolvers and to be taken to somevery nice sugar cane crops in the middle of nowhere and to have to stay in theknees, eyes on the ground and with a 38 calibre t the head explaining that youare not having big deal with you and to risk some beatings in the best case, oreven a shot to the back of the head, simply like this. Then, if you are usingsome inter-state buses, you may also find yourself in a nice ambush where thebus can not fly over some nice constructed barricades and some dudes withautomatic rifles will beat everybody in the bus and steal everything, or evenrape you if they want, cause they do what they want, even they are some reallyparticular dudes that keep on schedule despite others around here and they dothis at the same spot, with the same professionalism their job â‚Ǩ towards thesame bus with no worries, even if there is a routine for everybody(like 4 timesweekly for the same route in the same localityâ‚Ǩ¬¶). In other parts of thecountry, if you really can not handle with the public transport and you have acar, then you have a very good reason to be kidnapped and if you are luckyenough, than you may be liberated but without your car, or worse, your family willhave to pay a ransomâ‚Ǩ¬¶.

    Once in SP I was trying to cross the streetwith a buddy while a dude took a right all over the pavement which was forpedestrians and even more, we were on the crossing line..thatzebra..whatever..so my buddy gave a tap to the back of the car â‚Ǩ BIG MISTAKE â‚Ǩthe guy came down and blessed me with a Desser Eagle semi-automatic(very scary)to my face pointblank and while I was excusing my buddy he was wanting to shootmy buddy at least..whatever, looks like I was pretty convincing after gettinggradually used with guns pointed to my face.

    I come back to one of the points abovedetailing some miserable conducts from the street, when you can walk on a sideof the alley that is with nobody else and then for sure somebody will come fromthe opposite crossing you and forcing you to change the side only because thiscathegory â‚Ǩ of the burgueses they are some simpletons that got lucky afterkissing many behind and faking a lot around their bosses and now they canafford some more inutile garbage they pretend to be aristocratic and superiorto any form of life or existence. They are the main responsible category of thosethat ran you off with the car only because they can, only because they feelbetter covered in cheap yucky perfume and, of course, covered into their auraof perfection while they are nothing more than fresh meat into a newcorporation or in a bureaucratic office or position. They are some sort of untouchablesfor their limited view, if you are to salute them, even if they like to worshipgringos, is only a substrate, they would fake all their way around for benefitsstarting from posing that they are very cosmopolite and that they knowforeigners and three words in other language (hardly English â‚Ǩ I will destroythis later with the Brazilians pretending they speak whatever English may be,even if mine is not native..at least I am not raping a language), ok, up tobenefits like sucking on to your money, avoiding to pay the bills in locals,asking favors that would simply defy any good sense.

    So, this dudes, because itis only a category, but surprisingly omnipresent, they are the most racistcreatures ever, finding on any occasion a reason to point out their ancestralEuropean descendence only to make it look good towards the Mì©tis, Indigenousand especially Black population. The racism here has no limits and the quotesare unbelievable, all, of course, conducted by a mediocrity and ignorance thatmay surpass any level ever reached. Brazil is the country with the highestnumber of domestic workers in the world, here the segregation between theclasses is hardcore and on racial, social criteria the aspects are terrifying â‚Ǩin the media, in the entertainment business or simply in the day by day lifethe black people is stigmatized to clichì©s of domestic workers, cleaningladies, drug traffickers, thieves, etc all the bad things possible. So, thereare many domestic workers because these dudes that are pretending to be betterin anything than anybody else are to busy and to cool to wash their own dishes,to clean their own underwear, while the capabilities themselves to even make atea are sometimes a huge provocation towards a burguesinha. So, this urbanpeasantry will be at any corner and at every step, even if they go by publictransport, they will keep the nose upper than the Everest and they will alwayshave a grim of disgust â‚Ǩ of course, forced â‚Ǩ like everything else- towardsother people. A, I just remembered, if you are some sort of tall, watch outwith the mirrors of the buses cause you may get decapitated very easy about 20 attemptsper day at least. Continuing with this class of people, they do not mixthemselves not even with the family of the spouse if they feel somehow that theyare better at anything, but if their ego is not competitive, then they willkiss the bottocks of the others until they have the moment to gossip with hateany possible aspect, but while they are together, will be all a waterfall offake smiles and very, very stupid discussions revealing their skills of expertsin any possible domain ever!

    NEVERexpect any punctuality!!!! NEVER! In situations when you would invite othersfor dinner, they will come at least 3 hours later, when, the food, of course,it is not fresh or warm anymore and you would be already prepared with anythingthat concerns a decent welcome, nobody will respect this and they will arrivewith a forced nonchalance like nothing happened and you may be the jerkpointing out that there was a interval of decency about arriving or at leastannouncing that the dinner may wait a bit moreâ‚Ǩ¬¶NO! NO and NO! There is no suchthing as thinking about the minimum of respect in almost all the situations,everybody is late, but to the superlative and do not expect no regrets aboutanything! They are always right because it was always like this, like with theviolence for example, if it is raining with bullets since forever here, thanthis is how it is and they will never expect you to think differently, not evenat a Global scale, cause, of course, I am aware that there are cultural,regional aspects all over the world, but so ostentative and cheeky as here, Iwould rarely find or never.

    There is no respect for nobody(and as many would say – it-s the lack of education…NO!! IT`s the lack of good sense for very many that especially had education!!!) â‚Ǩ the listgoes on â‚Ǩ everybody shouts, yells, screams during the hours when everybody shouldhave a sort of a chilling time or even to get a rest. I am pretty young myselfand I understand very many things and I passed through many parties and etc butthe limits here, as considering EVERYTHING â‚Ǩ there is no such thing â‚Ǩ nothing haslimits â‚Ǩ especially bad things, of course, and everything is AN ABSURD! ABSURDIN THE REAL ABSURD WAY THAT CAN NOT EVEN GET INTERPRETED OR ESTIMATED!!! In verymany(and BIG) cities you will not get a hello back or an answer to yourgreeting and I am talking about some situations where you will probablyunderstand that I am referring as entering in a medical cabinet, during a classat school,etc; saying a hello to a simple person gets the result of a shockbecause they are not used to be saluted and they will have an electric shock literarybecause the human relations here became so rotten that there is no such Goodmorning even when you are called by phone to accept or offer a service! Theycall you and with no type of salute, no introduction of themselves, they willask â‚Ǩ I repeat â‚Ǩ when they call â‚Ǩ “WHO`S TALKING THERE? ” and I got shocked tohear this more than thousands of times, and always my answer is : You werecalling me, so you should be the one being asked who is calling and, of course,hello or whatever. But no, no, and no! Rudeness to the maximum or nothing inany situation possible and worse than anything, and by the way I am speakingPortuguese absolutely perfect, even in slang and crazy jargons , only that, myaccent is not native, of course, but it is not Vietnamese.

    OK so starting withthe fact that I may say â‚Ǩ how some may other foreigners pointed out â‚Ǩ Good morningâ‚Ǩ but said with a different accent â‚Ǩ turns them into some aggressive psychos ata level of dialogue, of course, because even the smallest simplest phrasespoken in other way will produce a break in their cognitive areas and they canonly become aggressive and cheeky while confronting with something out of theirroutine, let-s say! So, if you dare to salute some people after they alreadyjumped on you with whatever, they get very upset to receive a greeting and itis very hard to have them back. Also, they will talk to other in your frontsaying that they do not understand and making some gestures showing that Imight be crazy or something but I am cool with it, even if it is horrible, Ican understand that ignorance is not necessarily a disease, but it affectspeople indiscriminately of any categorization.

    If you had the patience until now, please understandthat I am not even in the middle of my therapy ))! So there are many others tosay but I would like to point out that I also found very fantastic people and Iam not making a dissection into the Brazilian State or Culture or whatever,these and those are my real experiences and in a percentage of more then 90% Ihave been choosing to expose after almost each of the facts had manifestedrepeatedly for at least 30-40 times. Just to make sure!

    I am not excusing myself with nothing ortrying to make myself look better in any way because there is no such thing tokeep me blocked here or hostage(this time in a metaphorical way) or to imposeme to like or to hate anything; I am an adult, I have a family here and untilthe moment we will probably move in some 5 to 10 years from now, I am sharingwith you many probems that you Brazilians get even more crazy than me and here itis not my right to say, but I will risk â‚Ǩ nobody ever starts with himself to bea good example â‚Ǩ for me it sucks because I always want to be sort of happyutside, in the streets, etc, but it is a non-ending monstruosity of very manythings that are making my life a hell most of the times! I gou out of the housepretty relaxed and cheerful and if I donot pay attention in the first 2 minutes out of the house I may be ran over bya jerk with a car! Or many, many other crazy things that are driving me crazyand then I am reproducing and passing further more agressivity and meanness! Iam not really like this, I was miserably treated in many countries just becauseI was not from there, while I was working to pay my studies, I am not rich,neither in hunger, I am a very simple, humble and normal person, I am verytalkative, friendly, open to very many things(to not be ever confused with toleranceor other stupid terms like this) and all I find is a hardcore environment fullof preconception, fakeness, rudeness, violence(systematical or physical) andsocial marginalization. And by the way I am talking as well about the things Isee you do with each other and that are affecting me. Maybe even more than whathappens to me! I do not write to give advice, it is a scream for understandinga common level of respect and good sense!

    Also, there is no such thing as the conceptof personal space or time, everything has to be invasive, rude, forcedly incommode- I have been presenting myself toinnumerous job interviews and while I always had to wait at least one hour tobe received after we already settled a meeting time, I was almost all the timeasked very personal and rude details about my life, about the conjunctures Imet my wife, why I moved here, why I am not this and that! Sometimes it wassounding like I came here because I was not having opportunities in otherparts, other times it was like I am so stupid that I got married and carriedhere, sometimes it was like I was supposed I have to kiss their shoes forinviting me there, while their interest was probably bigger than mine, but thelack of professionalism shocked me and drove me crazy each and each time, sorare to have a professional discussion about my capabilities, about myeducation, about my experience in the field(whatever was the area of interest)!So I have been teaching various languages and various sub-disciplines of the socialsciences, or conducting cultural programs. I can declare that my best studentswere from the periferias, from the deep interior where even if they were facingharsh conditions of life they were still people, they were able to communicate sincerelyand respectfully without interrupting me, mocking, being rude or anything likethis. On the other side I had experiences while teaching rich kids in PrivateEnglish schools who have no idea about respect, socialization, honesty,humility, nothing like this, but they were always trying to pose that they aresomething copied from a very small and limited point of reference and I can notsimply accuse them, they are the products of some parents that prefer to work,to cheat the partner, etc and to give no attention or care to them and ofcourse they are some empty cheeky carcasses cause they only know that mommy anddaddy have some little money so they are already having an argument that theyare better than anybody else. WRONGGGG!!

    Everything is late here, there are linesfor the other lines, how somebody previously mentioned, the incapacitation isin the form of passivity expressed through very mediocre people that aredominating by their comfortable ignorance! Talking about this and about privateschools â‚Ǩ how many realize that there are so few people talking a secondlanguage because – other aspect â‚Ǩeverybody wants to make easy and fast money by any means â‚Ǩ so this happenedalso with the Education, dragging down all the rest of the society(but ofcourse, on purpose and organized, even the mess can be organized) â‚Ǩ so thestudents are never learning because the system is made in such a way to givedefective and incompetent creatures that gravitate on the only thing that theycan rely with â‚Ǩ money â‚Ǩ so all is a joke, the methodologies are a bogus, theteachers are some ignorant foolish clowns perpetuating idiots in mass. In theclass there is no such thing as respect by knowledge or by common sensediscipline, everybody think it is an entity that is justified by a betterexistence. I had many classes ofstudents that they were “learning “English for more than 2 years and they werenot able not even to introduce themselves in such lines such: name, age, nationality.And they were unable not because they are shy, but because of the methodologythat keeps them paying more and learning nothing; I even met numerous cases ofhaving previously as a teacher of my groups some people that were not even graduatingthe high school or ever speaking in English during class!!!! And at manyschools it was unbearable to have to deal with cheeky colleagues or bosses; thefood being always stolen from the school-s fridges, also personal things, etc,etc. Sounds familiar???? Also, to be hired by some schools and nobody workingthere from the cleaning lady till the coordinators to not have being paid formonths thanks to various schemes of slavery and mafia style companies trickingeverybody and running with the moneyâ‚Ǩ¬¶.

    Every but everywhere especially as aforeigner you are cheated, stolen, the gringos are welcome because they are allregarded as ultra rich and wealthy and stupid as well, any common merchandiserof whatever will try to make a different price or to try a different schemeeach time just to gain an extra cent from the will and from the belief thateverything has to be speculated to the maximum and there must be no shame onthis! For example, if you try to make a sort of a contact of sympathy let’s saywith a regional seller or whatever merchant he/she will bring to the table anabsurd price only to rob you without thinking that it may be a better deal toconstruct a relation of exchange for a long term.

    Also, how I started to write about the ideaof personal space and personal time, Brazilians do not get it, do not want toget it or they simply don-t care if they bother and this especially during thetime intervals that are the most inappropriate to call, to visit, to bother.And I am not a geezer or an antisocial monster. But why to call people after22.30 in the evening just for crap, why to visit during the weekends startingwith 14 in the afternoon or 21 in the evening without announcing at all? Why onSunday when presumably we are tired after a week of work, sometimes working theSaturdays as well, we have to lock in the house and to close the cell-phones tonot be bothered at the most inconvenient hours possible?????

    You can forget about bringing anything ofvalue with you to the beach, sometimes -and the youtube is full of this â‚Ǩ you canfind yourself inside a “arastao”- a type of mass robbery where at least 50thugs circle some people, beating them, threatening with various weapons arestealing even the socks on you â‚Ǩ a, this is also a fashion during carnival orany major event; and by the way, you may go to some concerts and easily witnessa gun fight, you can get shocked as well by the measures â‚Ǩ ostentative, ofcourse â‚Ǩ taken by the state forces- patrolling near you with M16 but beingineffective at any complication, like, for example, and this was not happeningto me â‚Ǩ for some wackos to come and take your partner from your arms rudelyforcing her to dance or to kiss..There is crack cocaine and cocaine at anycorner possible, here is cheaper to buy a gun and more easy than in Texas,anybody may pull a gun to you anytime, you can get mugged, shot for nothinganytime anywhere, to go after dark is crazy and later in the evening issuicidal almost and almost anywhere; there are hundreds of thousands ofcrack-heads that will not let you go unless you give them something or unlessthey are powerful enough to snitch something and run. If I was not having some sortof a fighter posture and height and a crazy look in my eyes (after passing in innumerousdangerous crazy situations) I would have been mugged, shot, robbed ten milliontimes already but it seems that I was more than lucky until now all these yearsâ‚Ǩ¬¶You may hear gun shots as a daily custom close to your home and to see peoplebeing very cool with this. You may get some data from the Internet and to makea sort of a research on how many people are being killed annually and I mean bythis by guns, knives, machetes, bats and sticks, rocks, etc, whatever they mayuse or like ..but the idea is that the total number of homicides(officially registered)is higher than 60.000. I repeat â‚Ǩ PER YEAR! Plus, thinking about other type of homicide, in crash accidents – theydie at least the mentioned number above only involving traffic casualties.

    Check it out on youtube if I am not a good source, whatever, because of somejobs I had and also conducted by a morbid curiosity in a sort of research Ihave been founding tens of thousands of videos presenting lynching in the mosthardcore demented way, while kids and women watch and record the moment whilelaughing and being happy about it, shootings are way to clichì©, but are likemillions, and so on, things that not even in Syria, Pakistan, Bangladesh,Burkina Faso all together they may not happen in such a gruesome and routine way.Also, domestic violence it is more than scary, the majority of the Brazilianmen is very authoritarian, most of them are very, very similar as a typology inany sense, cheating is a reason to be a very cool dude, beating as well and tobe sort of worshiped just because you are a lazy asshole. A, and to deconstructthe myth that the Brazilian women may be easy for the gringos, I consider thisa stupidity but I would say that they would rather get some good company whilecan be respected because respect from the husband is more than you can ask fromSantaâ‚Ǩ¬¶.The men are more than clinically libidinous(if this exists) looking atthe bodies of the women in such a manner that it looks like raping them, and Imean ALL of them â‚Ǩ in a very dirty psychotic way â‚Ǩ I also turn my head once ina while but there is a long distance till this point of ..i don-t even match somethingwith this.

    Everything is late, if you go to a concert orany event prepare to wait a good time in line and then for at least some patienceof 2-3 hours before anything would start.

    Thedocumentation process on any issue will bring you close to a very painful andlasting suicide feeling; you-ll be asked to bring unnecessary documents and topay bogus things and as well the dudes there will be pissed off if you show anysort of coherence about your process, you will always surprise them by askingthem the most elementary things. There is no such thing as meritocracy, herethe nepotism rules and of course, the way of reaching something by being verydocile and submitted while stepping on corpses no matter what.

    All the companies for general services likeInternet, mobile telephony, bank accounts or transfers will be all extremelyand ridiculously at a very high price and very low service and about beingattended you may feel again some of the feelings already mentioned above and ofcourse prepare to be ripped off by extra subscriptions that you never evenheard of and services that are supposed to be paid â‚Ǩ as well ,without anynotification about contracting any of them. The salaries are never on time, prepare alsofor some nonchalant arrogant responses while asking why your salary was notarriving after two months and you literally pay to work…and so on.

    About cab services I suppose I should noteven mention..only that sometimes the drivers arrange some very theatrical butreal as well tactics to get robberies and to remain just with your clothes onâ‚Ǩ¬¶ifyou-re lucky.

    If you read the local or the nationaljournals or you-ll watch TV and you are suffering of a heart condition do noteven think about it, you-ll see blood and dismemberments, and any absurd way ofkilling someone on a daily basis.

    Nobody keeps his promise or word withnothing(only, maybe, if they have a personal benefit from it), nobody here willever admit that something got wrong or that they did something wrong or inappropriate,you will always be regarded the crazy one, even if you hold the door for a ladyto pass in your front, you-ll be considered either stupid, either crazy.

    Everybody hugs and kisses here but not onmy watch cause it may be something cultural but if it was not so fake andforced while is happening for 2 se

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