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    I was wondering if you guys know a place out side the Sao Paulo GRU, where I could buy US$. Exchange places at the airport are 20 cents more than the commercial exchange rate.
    I bet there got to be some place right outside the air port or something. That is safe enough.
    Anybody has experience with this?
    Thank you

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    What about just using the ATM to withdraw enough reis to get you to your accomodations? Then figure out where to go in the city for the best rate.

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    Outside the airport, forget it! ATM or City as Bahiaa suggested, I normally go to shoppings or Extra at Congonhas both a little safer.

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    I agree. Go downstairs to the various ATM’s and withdraw money using your home country debit card. HSBC, Bradesco, and Banco24 have all been relatively easy for me to use in the past. It’s the cheapest way. Stay away from any Cambios.

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    I mean, I want to sell reals I have and buy dollors to take to US. Thanks

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    Sorry for the confusion. I’m not sure if any of the Cambios at the airport would give a better rate although my intuition tells me that if you go upstairs to the banks on the top floor you might do a little better since they don’t get as much traffic. I think that Itau, Santander, and Bradesco are up there but they probably all close by 6:00 p.m. The strategy of using your ATM card also works in reverse. You can go to an ATM in the States and use your Brazilian ATM card to withdraw dollars. I routinely use my Itau credit card to withdraw dollars in the U.S. The fees are low, the rate is the commercial rate for the day, and since it’s a credit card I don’t have to pay it until the end of the month.

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    I’ve found that I can get the best rates on exchange between dollars and reais or reais to dollars by using small travel agents. The one have become a regular of is in Uberlandia so I doubt he would do you any good… but ask around. Locals usually know the best place to go for better exchange rates, and they are never going to be the offical places.

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