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    The StackExchange community is a growing network of freesites where you can ask questions about a specific topic (from programming to parenting) and get answers from more experienced people. It works differently from traditional forums because it makes users follow a certain style that makes it easier for us to understand what is being asked and provide good answers. Every post can be edited and improved by other users.
    We’re going to launch a beta site for questions related to the Portuguese language, and we need more users! Everyone is welcome to contribute. Take a look at the monolingual Englishand Russian languagesites to have an idea of what our project is going to be like.
    If you’re interested, commit to our first beta version! We currently have 57% of the required number of users for a new site. When we reach 100%, we’ll be able to move on to the next phase and start the beta.
    Every site in the network is completely free to use, and everything we post there is under a Creative Commons license (in other words, you’re even free to copy everything to your own site as long as you provide a link back to the original post).
    Aos brasileiros: além de ajudar estrangeiros, poderemos usar esse sitetambém para aprender como dizer em inglês palavras e frases específicas.uniquenickname2015-03-07 14:18:04

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