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    I’ll be in Rio for 6 months, and am wondering if it’s possible to take a class at a local university (public or private) – not a Portuguese class, but in some other topic. At universities in the US, it is often possible to take (or audit) a class, not as an enrolled student but just as someone interested in the subject. Can I do something similar in Rio? It seems like it would be a good way to learn something interesting, improve my portuguese and meet people.

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    El Diablo

    I don’t have any specific information, but i met a guy who had been studying Portugues para Estrangeiros for six months in PUC-Rio. maybe you could try getting in contact with them.

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    PUC doesn’t allow people to audit classes, but if it’s a big enough class they would never know. No one knows anything over there. If you’re going to pay for a class I advise against PUC, it’s quite expensive and I really don’t think it’s worth it. If you’re looking to meet people, in my experience the students at public universities are much more down-to-earth and tolerable.

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    Does anyone know of a Portugues para Estrangeiros university course in SP?

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    Just curious as to why you say the Portugues para Estrangeiros courses are not worth it. I was looking into the program but if you have some past experience at PUC I would love to hear your thoughts as to why…poor instruction, overcrowded classrooms, etc.

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    i have been looking at one at FAAP in sao paulo.. looks to be the best i ahve found faap is a top uni, and price wise it looks very competitive compared to a language school. they have a 100 hour course and a 260 hour one which includes some cultural activities.. prices for 100 is about US$650 and US$1600 for the 260 hour, from my very vague recollection. if anyone knows any others i’d like to know!!

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    Hi, I know that there is a Portuguese Course at USP in São Paulo, Take a look! Aira

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    Nmorse – the program at FAAP is supposed to be very good. CIEE (a study abroad company in the US, based out of Portland, ME) has just started a program through FAAP. After working with some of their staff, who have been helping me with my dissertation research, I have come to find that their program criteria are pretty strict, which means the program isn’t just fluff.

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    Hi, There is a excellent course for foreigns at USP. They prepar you for an important test. It is available for all students. The site is : http://www.fflch.usp.br/cl Good Luck

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    by the way USP is University of São Paulo and stay at Butanta….

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