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    Setlist Scotty

    Hi all
    been living in Brazil for several years, and will be heading back to the US for a visit. I’ll be going with my Brazilian wife, and this time around, also her parents.

    The biggest issue is that her mother in particular is not in great health, and I can easily imagine some sort of health emergency happening while we’re there. It happened one other time, a few months before we married, while she and my (now) wife were visiting to do the final preparations for our wedding. Of course, they didn’t think to get travel insurance then, so it was a big mess. I don’t want a repeat situation.

    When my wife and I have traveled in the past, we’ve gotten travel insurance, although we didn’t give it too much thought. But with her parents coming along, and the likeliness of it actually being needed increased tenfold, I would like to know what you folks recommend as trustworthy companies and appropriate policies.

    Thanks in advance for any advice you can give!

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