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    I have a question about getting a tourist visa for my Brasilian wife:
    Before we were married, and still living in different countries she was denied a tourist visa (September 2015). I understand that this is pretty common for single women, for reasons of “not returning to Brasil.” However, this time is a bit different, as we are now married (since May 2016) and living together in Brasil. We are planning to go and visit my family finally this Summer (for 20 days) and then return to Brasil again together. Already bought our round-trip plane tickets.

    My questions are:
    Is there still a strong chance of her being denied again?
    My guess would be that they have no reason to deny her now, since we are obviously going to get a permanent visa eventually. But she is extremely nervous about getting rejected/ and we end up wasting all that money on plane tickets.

    My next question is:
    Will they let us go together at the consulate to speak with whoever makes the final decision?

    I know these are broad questions, that don’t have a definite answer, but I am just looking for any opinion or advice. Thanks in advance!

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