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    I’ll be arriving in SP at the end of the summer with a contract, but my wife (she is an 8 y. exp. travel agent especialliced in SE Asia) has to look for a job.
    Any recomendations on where and how to look for?
    Any idea of expect salary? (30 y.old, 8 y. exp. travel agent especialliced in SE Asia, speaking fluent english and spanish)
    Any ideas on other related jobs?
    thanks for the replies!
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    Your wife is not allowed to work in Brazil.
    The visa you have (if I’m not mistaken) is a job visa for you.
    Your wife is allowed to live with you but does not have the right to work legally.
    If you manage to get her an illegal job working at a travel agency you cannot expect more than R$1500 a month.
    Does she speak Portuguese?
    If not she better catch up or she will be a house wife for the rest of her life.

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    Are you sure about that? According to my info (consulate and ministry) she is allowed to work under my permanent (2 years renewable) visa….
    In the case of legal job?
    She is starting Portuguese lessons HisHoliness2012-07-10 10:18:52

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    Which type of visa do you have?
    Vitem V?
    If so she can’t unless they changed the law recently.

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    My Visa is on process, I dont know the type. Company lawyers are working with it. Apparently it is a two year permanent and extendable visa and well, as info was not very clear, I send an email to the consulate wich forwarded me to some labour ministry and they didn’t clearly said yes but said that she would be included in mine…..Confused

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    sven van ‘t Veer

    Normally, what twirly states is true. It depends on the visa she’s got.
    Anyway, unless she’s fluent in Portuguese, it will be extremely hard for her to find a job. (extremely hard being an understatement).

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    In addition to the visa issue, your wife will need to have EMBRATUR credentials to work in tourism. Without these credentials, she can be fined/deported for working illegally. To get these credentials, she must hold a PERMANENT visa, not work/student/etc. and have done a course at a school here in Brasil. And all of this is done in Portuguese.
    I did a course to become a tour guide and after I graduated, I went to EMBRATUR to get my credentials and was kindly told to come back when I had a permanent visa. I had a VITEM V at that time & asked how to get a permanent visa. I was told to find a boyfriend quickly and either marry him or get pregnant by him, or invest U$75K. Needless to say, I decided to return to my day job.

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    Deleted User

    Tell you what, I think HisHoliness is gonna think not twice but much more about accepting his contract to work in this circus called Brazil. Spain and the rest of Europe is beginning to look a little better now, eh, your HisHoliness?

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    [QUOTE=KSaudades] I did a course to become a tour guide and after I graduated, I went to EMBRATUR to get my credentials and was kindly told to come back when I had a permanent visa.
    I am interested in working in tourism and wondered if I should become, or need to be qualified / registered to show people around Sao Paulo? I wondered if you wouldn’t mind telling me who you contacted at EMBRATUR? (I have a permanent visa). I can’t seem to find the right information from their website….
    Many thanks for your help

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