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    8 years ago i married a carioca in copacabana cartorio. We had a really beautiful relationship for about 6 years…When we married i had much more life experience than him, and he was the one that had to adapt to life in australia and learn a new language from scratch, this required much support from me, so we fell into a bit of a pattern where I was in the drivers seat and did much of the big decision making. But the last two years i grew tired of feeling like i was the only one who ever thought about our future together or planned anything enjoyable for us to do together. Although he was a very generous and affectionate lover, always being there for me emotionally, in the end the dreams he had were clearly his own and we didn’t have any shared dreams anymore. I was always supportive of his passion for music but it was all he ever dedicated himself to and it never really led to anything fruitful that would enable us to have a better life together. Once i had dreams of owning a home together, traveling a lot together and maybe one day moving back to brazil and reuniting with his family and having a kid. But 8 years later he was still working 3 days a week in a coffee shop and dedicating all the rest of his time to his music (but not really in a productive way like completing qualifications or having a career plan, but almost using it as an escape). Meanwhile his parents are getting old in Brazil and he doesn’t think about what he can do to help take care of them or anything. I just can’t understand his complacency.

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