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    As of the year 2013, Los Angeles California had a populationof nearly 4 million. This is one of the most vibrant, active and diversecities in the entire world. With so many people of varying backgroundsand interests, Los Angeles is a fantastic place for anyone looking to go totreatment and get sober. There are well over three thousand meeting perweek in the greater Los Angeles area, which is all but a guarantee that thereis someone here for everyone. In addition to the meetings, the recoverynetwork, number of treatment centers and sober living homes is right on parwith the massive population of Los Angeles.

    Many people think that moving to a rural area without accessto drugs or the temptation of old stomping grounds is the best way to getsober. The big flaw in this logic is that unless people decide they wantto change their entire lives and become farmers then moving to the countryisn’t necessarily the best way to prepare for real life. Going totreatment in Los Angeles is truly the way to prepare for living sober over thelong term in a city full of people, industry, culture and recovery. It’sreally a better way to orient oneself to the idea of integrating sobriety intothe larger picture that is life. Los Angeles is such a fantastic city forpeople in recovery that going to treatment in Los Angeles is the logicalbeginning to a richer and more meaningful life.

    Additionally, the drug and alcohol treatment industry in LosAngeles is vast and constantly growing. There are treatment centers thatspecialize in all sorts of ailments in addition to substance abuse. Whether you are suffering from bi-polar disorder, generalized anxiety disorder,depression, disordered eating, or poly-substance abuse, there is a treatmentcenter in Los Angeles that caters to your specific needs. There is noother city in the world as well versed in the treatment of such disorders andthe continuum of care continues long after the inpatient treatment phase.

    Sober living homes, halfway houses and transitional livingenvironments are extremely prevalent in Los Angeles and offer accommodations ina wide range of fee structures. Just like the treatment industry, thetransitional living market, case management landscape, and other after-careoptions are widely available in Los Angeles. This makes the idea of goingto treatment in Los Angeles a brilliant idea because there are many options forongoing care to insure the investment in treatment. There is nothingbetter than going to treatment in Los Angeles, finding a great sober livinghome and developing a strong recovery network to move forward on the path ofrecovery.

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